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President's Day Camp - Day 4

President's Day 2017Accounts at BrightworksComment

It was hard to imagine when we started today that a frame and random kangaroo parts would come together in time to join our puppet parade. 

At one time or another throughout the day, everyone collaborated on some part of the kangaroo whether it was covering the head, attaching the finally-mastered articulated leg, to the last minute construction of the tail frame structure (sometimes it takes one iteration to see the stress points), to applying the kangaroo "hide." As a team we were successful pulling it together. 

After a week of dedicated and creative work the kiwi squad was set to focus on the fine details of their project. The Tinkerers drafted a summary of their process, made a license plate, and autographed Gary the really long kiwi. The finished kiwi cart measured just over 8' long and had a beak that opened and closed, 4 bendable legs, 4 seats, a bell and 6 wheels.

This incredible team of two worked start to finish on creating the amazing kitten pencil. They worked so hard that they found the fabric bench to be a cozy break area. Not only did they build something life-size they also built a friendship together over the week. Without a doubt the Kiwi and kangaroo had a great kitty pencil to play with.

The people box truly brought collaborators together. Throughout the week they made great progress, so today's focus was on the finer details of people box labeling and distribution. 

Like most great weeks at Tinkering camp, all of the Tinkerers took great pride in showing off their puppets. They were treated to one more full length reading of the Mad Lib story by Gever before the puppet play began. Afterwards the Tinkerers showed the inner workings of their puppet to their families and everyone participated in a group deconstruction. At Tinkering School we know that the process is as important as the final product. Deconstruction is a great reminder that the focus always starts with the process.


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