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Monsters! All Girls - Session 5 - Day 2

Monsters! (2016)Amanda SimonsComment

Today was Day 2 of Monster week! 

Question! Have you ever seen a monster that was mostly geometric? Me either. 

Part of the challenge of working with rectangular wood is finding ways to make it no longer rectangular OR to use rectangles to generate entirely different shapes. The Tinkerers dove head first into this problem first thing today. 

One of the Half Monster teams was trying to make three dimensional tentacles by first creating a skeleton of tubular triangles and then skinning the structure with different materials (TBA!) 

The Monster Truck team was learning how to cut out organic shapes using the bandsaw.

They also encountered what it means to have too many hands on one project -- this is an especially challenging problem with larger shapes being cut from heavy plywood and one person "driving" the piece through the saw. 

Lastly, the OTHER Half Monster team was making some giant hexagons (for a purpose I haven't quite yet discerned.) This task required some complex geometry, and a lot of folks working hard as a team. 

Whoa. So much happened today!

Also, here are a few more awesome highlights:

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