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Partner Playground - Day 1 - Session 4: Getting the Hang of It

Juniors Playground (2016)Evan BarnesComment

Today was the first day of a new week at Tinkering School! We have four main goals that we try to achieve during every day and every week of Tinkering School: to help one another collaborate and make friends; to try harder than usual; to learn from mistakes and failures; and to build something bigger than ourselves. This week we'll be trying to achieve these goals through building a Tinkering School take on a favorite place of many people: the playground! 

When developing this theme, the collaborators all agreed that we love the playground (especially Evan, who can almost always be found at the very top of the play structure during park). But we also talked about how our favorite moments in Tinkering School and in life are when people are working together to achieve a bigger goal. So we decided to work with the Tinkerers to build playground equipment that requires multiple people to operate. Hence, Partner Playground!

We started the day with a discussion of our four main goals, and also worked together to create some group agreements about how to treat each other during the week.

After that, we moved onto tool training, taking the first steps down the path toward mastery over the drills and clamps. 

After tool training, we took a break for lunch and some playtime at the park (and also, unbeknownst to the tinkerers, some play structure inspiration).

 After park, we came back to the building, revealed the projects, and broke into groups for design sessions and some initial work!

Jay and his team will be trying to build a massive  group see saw that seats a lot of tinkerers at once (possibly up to eight of them).

Evan and his team will be trying to build a partner swing! We aren't entirely sure what that means yet, but we do know now that we hope to be able to seat at least four people simultaneously on the same swing.

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