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Juniors Playground (2016)

Partner Playground - Day 3: Wednesday is Fulcrum Day

Juniors Playground (2016)Evan BarnesComment

Yes, the title of this post is a rather poor word substitution joke about Wednesday being hump (fulcrum) day. But today was the day that the See Saw team got to work building the fulcrum for their see saw! The Tinkerers really put in a solid day of work today, and we went from having the merest sketches of our ideas built at the start of the day to having full, impressive structures by the end of the day. There's definitely more work to do, but we seem to be well on our way to having our own custom built playground on Friday!

Partner Playground - Day 1 - Session 4: Getting the Hang of It

Juniors Playground (2016)Evan BarnesComment

Today was the first day of a new week at Tinkering School! We have four main goals that we try to achieve during every day and every week of Tinkering School: to help one another collaborate and make friends; to try harder than usual; to learn from mistakes and failures; and to build something bigger than ourselves. This week we'll be trying to achieve these goals through building a Tinkering School take on a favorite place of many people: the playground! 

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