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A 99 Degree Friday Under the Sea at Mark Day School

Mark Day Undersea (2017)Amanda SimonsComment

Friday was HOT. Ninety nine degrees of HOT!

Here's the bottomline: Despite the heat, we tried really, really hard. We made a lot of mistakes and also learned from them. We collaborated and make some awesome friends, and we build something way, way bigger than ourselves!

Check out some highlights from our final day Under the Sea:

The giant octopus twisted and slithered across the space and into a spot where we could go inside of it and move it's eyes and lift its giant legs!

Meanwhile, the submarine had some surprisingly complex features: a working periscope, and some furniture, as well as mini subs that could deploy from the main structure. 

Also, we had NOT ONE, BUT TWO twisty turny submarine features: a propeller and a steering wheel. What an awesome first week at Mark Day School!

Way to go, everyone! 

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