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Crazy Restaurant Week! - SF Day Camp, Week/Session 4, Day 1

Restaurant Week (2017)Molly MansfieldComment

Another fabulous week of summer tinkering day camp at our San Francisco location has begun! This week we have a wacky theme we've never tried before: Restaurant Week!

Today our tinkerers made an agreement for how to work together, did tool training, and started planning for the projects this week. One group is building a Taco Truck, one group is building a Drive-Thru Restaurant of a magic-schoolbusy-volcanic nature, and one group is building a huge Ice Cream Truck! The ideas are just hatching and the first pieces of wood started to come together this afternoon - it will be exciting to see what develops tomorrow on the first full day of building. 

To see photos of the fun that happened today, be sure to visit our Flickr account album page at this link.

Stay tuned to learn how these amazing projects develop!

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