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Crazy Restaurant Week! - SF Day Camp, Day 2 - What is Tinkering? What is Collaboration?

Restaurant Week (2017)Molly MansfieldComment

Day 2 of Crazy Restaurant Week was our first full building day and tinkerers spent all day troubleshooting problems and starting to put parts of the projects together.

At our morning circle, we took some time to answer two questions together: What IS tinkering? and Why do we tinker? Here are some of the amazing answers that the tinkerers gave:

What is tinkering?

"Exploring something"             "Building something"               "Making something"

"Messing around with something"             "Doing something you don't know how to do yet"

"Having fun!"                 "Creating"                "Using your imagination"

"Using electrical tools that would scare parents to death but don't scare you to death!"

Why do we tinker?

"Have fun!"               "Build stuff"              "Learn something new"             "To use your imagination"

"Don't give up!"               "Make friends"              "Create things you can be proud of"

We also decided to "put on our collaboration-sensing goggles" today and look for times when we see each other accomplishing the first goal of Tinkering School: Collaborate and Make New Friends. At the end of the day we shared what we saw. Here are photos of collaboration in action: (this is a slideshow, swipe or click or scroll to see more)

One particular kind of collaboration we practice in Tinkering School is the "partner push" when extra force is needed to place a particularly tricky screw. Many partner pushes happened today! (this is a slideshow, swipe or click or scroll to see more)

Creating a finished project is NOT one of the goals of Tinkering School, however through collaboration the three Crazy Restaurant projects continue to grow! The taco truck measures longer than 17 feet from the front of the cab to the back. The ice cream truck is now so tall that tinkerers need stools and ladders to reach the top. The magic-school-bus-volcano-drive-thru continues to become more complex and interesting. Here are some photos!

(this is a slideshow, swipe or click or scroll to see more)

Check out more photos of our tinkerers in action on our Flickr Album for this week (click here)!

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