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Under the (Hot) Sea at Mark Day School - Thursday's Mega Teamwork

Mark Day Undersea (2017)Amanda SimonsComment

Yesterday, we had a lengthy teamwork pep talk. 

Teamwork is hard. It's hard because we are training tools and skills that are largely individual. One person at a time on the chopsaw. A drill is a two handed tool (usually the two hands belong to one person.) Clamps are pretty much designed to be used by one person and not a team.

So, while we're teaching these tools that are designed for use by one person, in just one week, we are also unteaching that.

How many people can it actually take to put one screw into two pieces of wood? No, this isn't the set up for a bad joke. I'm being serious. How many?

Well, one person can make the pilot hole.
One person can drive the screw.
Another person can get a clamp.
Another person can get a second clamp.
Yet another person can get an assembly square to keep the wood in an L shape. 
Yet another person can help hold down the wood so it doesn't skid across the floor.

If everyone is also holding a drill while this is happening, we can't get much work done. The take away? Find a job to do and do it. Recruit a friend to help. And if you're not using it, just put down the drill!

Today's teamwork was much better. We got so many complicated things done, figured out, assembled, and decorated. And, it was HOT. Despite that we were all melting, we worked as a team to bring the submarine closer to finished, and the octopus closer to complete.

Of course, we also took plenty of breaks, drank plenty of water, and slathered plenty of sunscreen. Tomorrow is already our last day! 

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