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Wild Animals - Day 3 - Week 4 - Mark Day School

David St. MartinComment

Every tinkerer needs a working knowledge of levers, pulleys and reinforcements, so today we took the first hour of the day  to learn about them! Tinkerers got a chance to notice that the amount of force required to move a load changed in a predictable way when levers or pulleys were used. They also learned to use gussets and triangular braces to strengthen their structures, which was immediately put to use on  the Belephant and Tigray! 

Never heard of a Belephant or Tigray? Well, come Friday and see these creatures in all their glory! The lever workshop led to some very functional wing designs on the Belephant, and both creatures are on track to emerge fully functional and delightfully whimsical by then. 

Click to see more photos from today and the rest of the week on our Flickr page.


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