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Harry Potter - Day 4 - Week 5 - Mark Day School

Mark Day / San Rafael, Mark Day Harry PotterDavid St. MartinComment

Today felt a bit like running full speed toward platform nine and three-quarters, believing with all our heart that the platform would appear just in time! We had so much to do, so many projects yet to be completed, it seemed impossible, but with a lot of teamwork, a few moments of frustration, a break for popsicles and a few compromises, we made major progress. 

During a break, we reminded everyone that our goals for the week never included finishing. They were to Collaborate and make friends, try harder that usual, build something bigger than ourselves, and make mistakes we learn from. That's it. Completing projects  is just a bonus. 

We hope to see you at 2:15 tomorrow for the unveil! After that the tinkerers will get to demonstrate their skills with the drills as we take everything apart.  Adults are invited to help keep things safe, carry materials back to their places and generally admire the effort of your young maker. It has been an incredible week!

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