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Air Benders - Day 2 - Week 7 (SF Day Camp)

Ava Koroshetz StevensComment

Tuesday is our first full day of building and campers are very excited to see their projects taking shape. After beginning our morning with a plan session, our campers got right to work!


As we began finding our groove with the tools we learned to use in yesterdays tool training, we were able to use these new skills on our projects.

The glider team was smooth sailing! Though through trial and error, this group was finding the most streamlined designs for their gliders. How will we launch them you might ask? That’s exactly what our launcher team asked themselves today. Deciding on a slingshot/catapult design they quickly got to work.


Another fun day at the beach today! Digging has become a regular beach activity but today they discovered a fun treasure; the never ending tree :-)


After lunch we were eager to get back to our projects. The Sail Car team made great progress on the frame of their cars. One team got creative and used fake grass to upholster the interior of their car. We’ve gotten good at using materials in new ways! After carpeting the floor and putting in 2 chairs the team began working on the walls.

The second car team has begun adding their wheels. It will be fun to figure out how it steers!

One of our gliders has truly started taking shape. Next step: testing.

One of our gliders has truly started taking shape. Next step: testing.

Tinkerers working on the big windmill had quite the productive day today. The project as a whole was broken into two groups. We had one team working on the blades and how they’ll connect and the other working on the base and tower. Our blade team tapped into a more mathematical mindset, calculating where to attach the blades without having them hit the tower.


The windmills’ base and tower team made great progress. They built their tower and started brainstorming how a tripod base would work t0 hold up the windmill safely.

This session is flying by - even with it being extended to a week and a half. It does mean that we have a little more time to build so we’re taking the opportunity to spend all of tomorrow outdoors to build some one-day projects that can be immediately tested in the wind! We can’t wait to see what these energetic tinkerers create!

To see more photos from this week of tinkering, please visit our Flickr page!

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