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Our Obstacle Course is Looking AWESOME (and It's Only Thursday!)

Sean Murray

After only four days, we have a pretty awesome obstacle course.

There's a fake laser maze--it took a lot of concentration and attention to detail to string all the fake lasers, and then add jinglebells to each (so they make a sound if you hit a laser!)

There's also a Tunnel of Epicness + Monkeybars, that's well over 20 feet of climbing, crawling and swinging.

We wove (yes, wove) walls of a balloon pit, which we'll fill with balloons tomorrow, (after we calm down from the sheer excitement of having balloons and balloon pumps.)

And, oh yes--a climbing wall, which our campers started only this morning--and were testing parts of by this afternoon!

We have one full day left, check out our next post for the full, finished obstacle course!

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