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Day Four - We Go to the Beach

2013 Session 1 - SeniorsgeverComment

What is the very best thing to do on a Wednesday? Go to the beach!IMG 5792

When the ocean gets too cold, we go to the lagoon and turtle around in the amber water. IMG 5805

Then a new idea occurs - with all this driftwood, we should be able to build a raft. Elijah starts figuring out which pieces of wood are dry enough to float. IMG 5808

After collecting some small sticks into a somewhat stable waffle of a raft, someone gets the bright idea to try and move a giant surfboard of redwood down to the lagoon. The hard part is that it's a perfect quarter arc of a tree that probably stood more than a hundred feet tall - and it weighs something like 900 pounds. Levers and fulcrums are brought to bear. IMG 5814

Then more levers and fulcrums. IMG 5832

Then more helping hands. IMG 5838

Then we lay down rails to keep the enormous slab from sinking into the soft sand. IMG 5841

While some are moving the log, some are soaking up the sneaky peeks of sunshine that are hinting at how hot the beach is about to come. IMG 5867

But we keep getting more hands on the ancient chunk of redwood. IMG 5871

Meanwhile, the ongoing raft project is shaping up. IMG 5881

Our favorite blue bowling ball wanders around the beach, an object of curiosity. IMG 5889

The gray skies split open and the temperature on the sand rockets up. IMG 5893

Elijah takes his raft out for a spin. IMG 5895

Portrait of a Young Tinkerer: Althea, Hollywood Style IMG 5901

Gil makes some significant additions to Elijah's raft, and then he takes it for a test flight. IMG 5927

A little while later, the huge log makes it to the slope at the edge of the lagoon... IMG 5934

...and into the water! IMG 5941

Fun immediately ensues. Non-stop, unfettered, totally silly, giddy, fun. IMG 5953

IMG 5964

With a few more cross braces, Gil's raft (based on Elijah's start) proves seaworthy. IMG 5986

Meanwhile, this is going on. IMG 5998

The scratchy side gets covered with a tarp. IMG 6031

Which is nicer on the feet when doing a back flip. IMG 6033

Kate and Chane take a long swim across the lagoon and back. IMG 6044

Portrait of a Collaborator: Chane at Rest IMG 6045

Huck Finn (Gil) and Tom Sawyer (Sam) decide to pole up the river. IMG 6064

The tarp comes loose as a game that seems to have no real rules other than "get on the log!" causes almost constant rolling. IMG 6080

There was also some "synchronized swimming" in the shallows. IMG 6092

Serena demonstrates that the log also works as a meditation raft. IMG 6098

Glynn and Kate take a quick swim down to visit Tom and Huck on the raft. IMG 6105

And the game continues. IMG 6124

We win! IMG 6144

As a small cloud drifts past the sun, Tom and Huck drift under the bridge. IMG 6154

This may be the least efficient boat propulsion ever deployed at Tinkering School. IMG 6181

Tom and Huck return safely from far Tortuga. IMG 6210

"Let's jump off the log!" says Glynn. IMG 6232

Always bring a gymnast or two to the beach. Crazy stuff like this will happen spontaneously. Althea does a handstand as Rhody looks on. IMG 6242

"Silly gymnasts," says Glynn, "logs are for jumping!" IMG 6260

"No," says Althea, "handstands!" IMG 6269

Sam agrees with Glynn, jumping is great! IMG 6276

"Diving!" says Kate as she knifes into the water leaving almost no splash. The Russian judge awarded 9.2 points. IMG 6277

Kip aligns himself with the jumpers. IMG 6278

And Rhody aligns herself with the center of the earth and the hand standing party. IMG 6293

Ending with a backflip dismount. IMG 6296

No one is surprised to see that Rhody's brother Gil is also a hand-stander. IMG 6312

Everyone, re-applies sunscreen after leaving the lagoon. Parents everywhere breathe a sigh of relief. IMG 6335

Sam supermans along the beach looking for injustice and evildoers. IMG 6340

Portrait of a Young Tinkerer: Sam IMG 6367

And we close out the day back where we started, in the cold clean waters of the Pacific Ocean. IMG 6360

These are our feet. IMG 6378

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