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Day Three - The Ball Must Roll

2013 Session 1 - SeniorsgeverComment

The Spring goats start the day playing their favorite game - king of the hill. Getting to see this is a good reason to take a walk in the mornings.IMG 5406

Work begins quickly as the teams (consisting of constantly shifting members) get to work. The elevator presents new and shifting challenges as it takes shape. IMG 5410

Althea takes to a tree to move the uphill end of the zip-line for what will turn out to be just one of nearly a dozen places that are tried. IMG 5412

The support for the elevator reaches further and further out from the barn railing, somewhere out there is the solution to the problem of lifting a bowling ball up to head height. IMG 5413

Althea heads up another tree to move the uphill attachment point. IMG 5419

And from that attachment point, the line clears the garden fences easily. IMG 5424

The blue bowling ball is loading into the sling for a test of the new line angle. IMG 5426

The angle turns out to be good, but the line droops under the load of the ball and the sling hits the fence - dropping the ball into the bramble on the uphill side of the garden fence. Mica proves up to the task of retrieving the ball. IMG 5434

Rhody and Gil are working on the transition from the funicular section to the elevator section. IMG 5436

Meanwhile, up by the ranch house, the aerial rail system has been dismantled and is now being redesigned. The new plan is to take advantage of some of the trees (each of which has, at some point in the past two days, been the anchor for the zip-line section) and run the rail along the side of the road. IMG 5443

Serena uses her telekinesis to keep the ball in the rail. IMG 5446

Portrait of a Young Tinkerer: Kip at play. IMG 5453

Gabriel and Serena become well acquainted with the ratchet mechanism on the big compression strap. IMG 5466

Some major decisions have been made on the elevator and a new wave of progress is made. IMG 5476

Mica works on her core strength has she leans way out and drives in the screws that hold one of the heavy-duty pulleys. IMG 5479

The funicular will roll up the road, then up the ramp, bump into the end, and dump the ball onto the v-rail - at least that's the theory. Now if only we had a funicular. IMG 5480

Snack break with Stan in Barn One. IMG 5488

Portrait of a Young Tinkerer: Elijah at the Barn IMG 5502

Nikki often rides the line between serious design discussion and silly nonsequitor. IMG 5506

Portrait of a Young Tinkerer: Mica Fights Off the Paparazzi IMG 5509

Portrait of a Collaborator: Stan at Work IMG 5511

Yes, even the bathroom rail had to be tried in the ever-more desperate search for the right pair of anchors for the zip-line section. IMG 5515

Portrait of a Young Tinkerer: Glynn in Safety Gear IMG 5516

Resetting the pulley for the zip-line. IMG 5517

Chane and Althea soon discover that almost clearing the gate post is no better than not clearing the gate post at all. The line gets taken down and moved again. IMG 5523

And, when you need a break, there is always a goat that is happy to see you. IMG 5531

Or one that is happy to be sleeping in a patch of sun. IMG 5535

Portrait of a Young Tinkerer: Nikki, Patron Saint of the Persistent IMG 5542

With Althea visiting the Elevator team, Serena scrambles up the tree to set the new uphill anchor position on the zip-line section. IMG 5555

Where another person might just stare off into space when they didn't quite know what to do next, Gil carves a tiny bow and arrow. IMG 5566

Later, we discover that he is not immune to the charms of three-day old baby goat. IMG 5595

Then, when it seems almost impossible, the elevator catches a rolling ball and delivers it to the goal spot five feet higher. IMG 5658

And the zip-line clears all obstacles and delivers the ball to the funicular loading area - if only we had a funicular. IMG 5680

Glynn and Gil re-tune the elevator delivery ramp. IMG 5694

And then this happened. IMG 5701

"Is that a prototype of a guide rail?" asked Gever. "Uh, yeah," said the young tinkerer, "it's a prototype - that we're going to keep using." IMG 5737

It's possible that Gever does not quite approve of the proposed solution. IMG 5768

You know it's a great day when it counts as progress that a bowling ball has ker-splatted into a muddy ditch. IMG 5779

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