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Session A: Day 7

2015 Session A - JuniorsSerena G-H1 Comment

Today is our final morning together, and our last chance to finish the project. We have already met success— we've launched a cart from the track, we've had a productive, interesting, week, we've learned to problem solve, learned to build, learned to tinker. But eager to ride, two teams head to the barn— one to add a back stop to the track, and one to finish adding the caster to the cart that broke last night. 

The track team at work 

The track team at work 

By 9:30, we're ready for our first human powered test, and as we load up, the first parents are already pulling in. 

Jaya is ready to be our first human test pilot. 

Jaya is ready to be our first human test pilot. 

Everyone gathers to watch. 

By 9:38, we're ready for launch — the first run will be just 1/4 of the track, and if that's successful, we'll do a full run. 

And she's off... 


And then, we dare to try the full length run. 

And race for the cart to celebrate our success. We did it! We built a ramp and track that carried a person! 

Buoyed by our success, we decide to sandbag test the other cart. 

Our luck holds. Parents have gathered to watch. 

We're ready for our human test - 

And then a full run. 

Turn by turn, we put each tinkerer into a cart at the top of the ramp. Because both carts are fully functioning, we alternate carts, and, against all hope, make it through everyone. The kids are giddy. We hear everything from silence, to shrieks, to yells of "Calabunga" as the ride down the hybrid coaster they've built, and roll for a period of time on the ground. This is, for sure, and epic success. 


We're each beyond thrilled. 

But the end has come. Every camp session ends with a group disassembly. Tinkering School is not about building something to keep, it's about building for the experience of building. We didn't build our hybrid coaster to have a hybrid coaster, we build our hybrid coaster to have built one. Together, parents, tinkerers and collaborators, we take apart what we have put together. 

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