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Session C: Day 6 - A Long Day and a Rush to Finish

2015 Session C - MiddlesJosh RothhaasComment

How big is this thing? will our plans to get down work? Will it be dangerous? Will the elevator really happen?

So many questions float in our brains as we trying and wrap our head around the scale of the thing we are making. To let it sink in deeply, we start the day with a group meeting on top of the structure. There are ukulele jams, and safety talks, a quick pep-rally moment as we start our last full day of work.

As the day moves forward the rope bridge gets a redesign, the rope wall starts to bear weight, the rock wall go up, a draw bridge/door takes shape, and boxes looking like a mario level get painted.

Along the way we discover that people in carts become bossy, Sayer is a champion-level napper, and spray paint is hard. We only stop because the sun mandates that the project is over.

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