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Session C: Day 5 - Rain Delays, Knife Training & Gopher Team

2014 Session C - MiddlesJosh Rothhaas1 Comment

This morning saw a persistent mist that left us unable to work on our project. Instead, we fell back on some tinkering school favorites. Knife training, knot tying, and playing with pulleys.

In the morning we learned about knife safety. Kids each had to memorize and recite the 5 rules of knife safety.

  1. Have a sharp knife (they are actually safer than dull knives).
  2. Have a knife that can lock open.
  3. Always be seated while using the knife.
  4. Check your blood bubble (the immediate area around you where if you slip or make a mistake, your knife could go) and make sure no one is in it.
  5. Cut away from yourself.

Additionally they had to whittle a stick down to a point, then sharpen several pencils without breaking the lead.

After that we learned about the figure-eight knot. Which is the single most useful knot known to Josh and the TS staff.

With rain delays and the ambitious nature of our project, we contemplated calling it and switching gears. But in the afternoon we assembled a cross-group team called the Gopher Team (because we have gophers and this team was just going to go-for it). Gopher team did the repetitive and detail oriented work of placing the support for the floor/roof of the outer box. While the Gopher team worked, the other teams worked on their design. The idea is one way up and many ways down. Each team is responsible for their own way down. There is only one full day left, and more than enough work to do.

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