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2014 Session C - Middles

Session C: Day 5 - Rain Delays, Knife Training & Gopher Team

2014 Session C - MiddlesJosh Rothhaas1 Comment

This morning saw a persistent mist that left us unable to work on our project. Instead, we fell back on some tinkering school favorites. Knife training, knot tying, and playing with pulleys.

In the morning we learned about knife safety. Kids each had to memorize and recite the 5 rules of knife safety.

  1. Have a sharp knife (they are actually safer than dull knives).
  2. Have a knife that can lock open.
  3. Always be seated while using the knife.
  4. Check your blood bubble (the immediate area around you where if you slip or make a mistake, your knife could go) and make sure no one is in it.
  5. Cut away from yourself.

Additionally they had to whittle a stick down to a point, then sharpen several pencils without breaking the lead.

After that we learned about the figure-eight knot. Which is the single most useful knot known to Josh and the TS staff.

With rain delays and the ambitious nature of our project, we contemplated calling it and switching gears. But in the afternoon we assembled a cross-group team called the Gopher Team (because we have gophers and this team was just going to go-for it). Gopher team did the repetitive and detail oriented work of placing the support for the floor/roof of the outer box. While the Gopher team worked, the other teams worked on their design. The idea is one way up and many ways down. Each team is responsible for their own way down. There is only one full day left, and more than enough work to do.

Session C : Middles – Epilog

2014 Session C - MiddlesJoshua RothhaasComment

IMG 3245 With a set of totally inappropriate materials including 2x3, bolts, and bungee chords, this crew of 11-13 year olds and a crew of entirely non-technical collaborators took on the abstract problem of creating vehicles with working suspension systems. At the beginning of the week Josh went off to draw a bunch of suggestion and ideas on how it might be done, and by the time he came back each team had come up with idea's that where better and more coherent than any he had come up with. This trend continued all week as the kids invented, worked and created. They bonded over a combination of tough problems, card games, and intense games of tags. We played on the beach, we played with fire, we played with abstract problems.

Eventually we rolled on road and off road.

IMG 3282

Read more of the week below. Check out the photos of the week on our flickr.

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Day 6 - Playful Determination

Day 6 & 7 - Playing and Showing Off

Day 6 & 7 - Playing and Showing Off

2014 Session C - MiddlesJoshua RothhaasComment

One of the strange problems with being the biggest Tinkering School session in history is not having enough places to sit at the tables inside. At breakfast this was no problem; it's so staggered that many are done by the time others are just starting. Lunch was another easy one, we would just eat outside. However, dinner seemed to pose a major problem. It would get dark and we can't just eat in the dark. So early on in the week Josh bought string lights, only to realize the sun is up way past dinner time. We hung them up anyways and accidentally made a magical little spot on the ranch. IMG 2661

It was a great place to play cards, eat snacks and talk without bothering the campers and collaborators that wanted to go to bed early.

IMG 2654

Friday is off to a calm start. Most of the carts are nearly working or already fully functional. Tweeking, improvements and decorations is the plan for the day.

D7K 9426

We tighten bolts, inspect joins, and toss in a few decorations.

D7K 9441

Team Panda's ATZ ATV needs some last second consultation and plenty of love. We decide that some inside bars need to go, but due to how it was constructed we can't get at the screws without a full deconstruct. Cutting them out is our only option. Attempting to settle a long debate with a friend, Josh challenges Ava to a race. She gets to use the jig-saw and josh will use the pull saw. He is confident he will win. Everyone else is skeptical at best.

D7K 9501

The race is on!

D7K 9522

The race is lost... Though it was closer than anyone expected.

D7K 9535

As the day continues everyone starts to realize that little fixes are becoming big headaches with more serious solutions required.

D7K 9590

But as Gus demonstrates with his commitment to sharpie-ing the entire eye-bolt blue, some things are just for looking good.

D7K 9618

Audrey get focused on installing a new piece while Lucy and Ana inspect their knots.

D7K 9622

D7K 9629

Engagement is one of Tinkering School's highest priorities. To experience that magic thing where time melts away and a task is fully absorbing, is something to be protected and honored. When it's productive it's called flow, otherwise it's called play. More often than not the delineation feels artificial. Bob demonstrates.

D7K 9648

James and Jonah tweak and adjust.

IMG 2708

Portrait of a Tinkerer in a Busy Barn: Kevin

D7K 9700

Lucy spends the next 20 minutes cutting and tying this old parachute to eventually create the team mascot costume.

D7K 9961

Before we even get to lunch some teams are ready for off road trials. We set up courses in tiers. Tier 1 is to make the turn from the house wide, then roll over the dirt near the garden for about 30 yards, then get back on the asphalt.

D7K 0051

D7K 0057

D7K 0060

Tier 2 is to stay on the asphalt, get as much speed as possible, turn off where cars usually park and ride the gravel and off road section for as long as possible.

D7K 0145

Afterwards we decide Tier 3 is to mix the two other tiers. Take the first turn wide, get off road near the garden, get back on the asphalt to regain speed, then get back off the road and roll for as long as possible.

Jen the Collaborator takes Piki Pie (PI?) for a test ride down from the barn in preparation of their first run on the Tier 1 course.

D7K 0157

None of us expected it, so there is no photographic evidence, but Piki Pie's cart does Tier 3 right off. After finishing Tier 1 the rest of team Piki shouts, "keep going" so we do.

IMG 2900

We continue to adjust and improve breaks. The ATZ ATV has not yet done a full run, and everyone on the team is getting anxious. Will it ever work?

IMG 2930

Kablooi takes their first official trail run and discovers their steering dangerously locks out to the right. This picture is moments before Jonah gets stuck turning right, slams the breaks and crashes lightly into the Elkus Ranch garden sign.

D7K 0197

Repairs, improvements, decorations, trail runs. This is the rhythm of a friday.

D7K 0266

D7K 0281

IMG 2994

D7K 0297

Some of the kids brought their own fabric markers which make the Tinkering School T-shirts even more unique this year.

D7K 0300

One special side project takes us all by surprise this session. Many kids in the history of Tinkering School have tried to make a cart that steers by leaning left and right (instead of turning a wheel or axel). Without Gever around we can't confirm, but Josh is pretty sure this has never worked out for anyone. In a stroke of engineering insight that uses a combination of casters, wagons wheels and skateboard wheels, these boys finally do it. Their cart, small and nimble, turns when you lean. It turns more dramatically left then right. It has a tendency to favor gravity, so any attempt to use momentum to go up hill causes chaotic and erratic issues. But it works. Curiosity peaks as one wonders what they might have worked out with a few more days, or even just a few more hours, on this project.

D7K 0352

It's affectionately nicknamed "The Hoverboard"

D7K 0306

After dinner we get ready for fire night. Filling a 5 gallon bucket and a 40 gallon wheel barrow full of water and getting the house nearby, we prepare to burn our scrap wood for the week. We have tried many ways to get rid of our scrap wood, but sadly its a material you can't even give away. So instead of sending it off to landfill (or compost if we can get it all the way back to SF), we burn it. Unlike twigs or logs, these are nearly identical and stack wonderfully.

IMG 3047

D7K 0373

IMG 3064

We spend the next 30 minutes sitting in it's glow.

D7K 0426

Eventually the fire collapses, we contain it into the central pit and we begin a Tinkering School Tradition. Playing with fire. This week the feature is sawdust we have collected in our vacuums all week. Josh goes over the dangers ahead and give his usual lecture on Dangerous Done Well.

D7K 0690

If you toss sawdust at just the right spot from just the right distance is spreads out, losses its insulating properties aerosolizes and ignites. Be careful.

D7K 0961

D7K 0962

Next up is cooking spray. One of our collaborators, Tricia, nails it and brings the fire high and strong.

D7K 1319

After all the excitement, the night slows down and we get the main show. S'mores and painting with light.

D7K 1925

D7K 2110

D7K 2138

With fire night behind us and the parents on their way, the final day is just about showing off and cleaning up. Tricia and Kevin have to leave early so we take group shot right before they go.

IMG 3245

When the parents show up we take one more photo right before the final runs.

IMG 3277

Then we show off!

IMG 3296

IMG 3304

IMG 3313

And if you were wondering, after changing the breaks and and nearly re-engineering their entire steering system, the ATZ ATV makes several successful runs!

IMG 3321

IMG 3326

And with that, Josh repeats his favorite saying "We didn't come to Tinkering School to have a custom made all terrain vehicle with working shocks, we came to Tinkering School to have made an all terrain vehicle with working shocks." Like a buddhist sand mandala to the wind, we disassemble our carts and hold only to the experience.

IMG 3358

This week we took over 5000 photos and published 1400 of them. Check it out on our flickr.

Day 5 - Trials and Errors

2014 Session C - MiddlesJoshua RothhaasComment

We start right where we left off, eager hands itching to get back to work. The day off has given us time to think through our next steps, and reenergize, so work starts almost immediately. Jonah Jr. uses the pull saw to take a corner off one of the wheel-boxes, hoping to prevent the edges from catching bumps and rocks.

IMG 1795

At the end of the day Tuesday, Nooi's cart's backend piece broke off. James works on adding new attachment pieces.

IMG 1809

Karsen heats a hot knife to cut bungee. The Piki's morning project is to modify their hammock to hold them better.

IMG 1851

Eloise maps out plans for the Kablooi's bench seat.

IMG 1864

Aimee and Ava get in for some tricky fixes - car repair style.

IMG 1884

Kevin works to build the connection pieces needed to add brakes to the Kablooi cart, one of the few crucial points that had been tested.

IMG 1893

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Aimee works on bending wires.

IMG 1923

Eloise cuts out the seat for the Kablooi cart, getting a chance to use the circular saw.

IMG 1924

Aimee and Anya cut up wood for their cart - pausing briefly to pose for a photograph.

IMG 1974

One of the great benefits of re-using wood from a previous project is the great designs, decorations and stories that come with it. The Kablooi's plywood seat is one such piece.

IMG 1975

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Grazzia grins for the camera.

IMG 1981

The Kablooi cart gains graffiti.

IMG 2017

The decoration committee at work.

IMG 2018

Anya and Tricia work together on Panda's front steering piece.

IMG 2027

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Zachary, adding rubber to the brakes.

IMG 2031

A Kevin project coming together. Both Kevins have been working at the attachment system for the the brakes.

IMG 2036

Junior Collaborator Serena's morning project - a camera strap for Josh's camera, created out of parachord woven in friendship bracelet style.

IMG 2059

Your weekly sheep.

IMG 2075

A newly improved net.

IMG 2081

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Rory, happy.

IMG 2094

The Kablooi are ready for a test run just before lunch. The group gathers round to watch them try their cart for the first time.

IMG 2109

Could it be a surfboard?

IMG 2112

And it's off!

IMG 2130

Portrait of two Tinkerers: Karson and Gus, fast friends.

IMG 2144

Armed with spray paint cans and laser cut letterings of Tinkering School, we spend a few hours after lunch creating t-shirts. Lots of attempts, mistakes, and learning ensued. But the results were awesome- colorful, creative shirts of which no two are alike.

D7K 9130

"Can you help me spray paint a dinosaur?" Karsen asks Nova - "'Cause if there isn't a dinosaur, I won't wear it."

And so they set to work, Nova helping Karsen by drawing and cutting out dinosaur stencils.

IMG 2146


D7K 9138

Ava includes washers in her design, an idea Tricia came up with.

D7K 9142

And then we head back up for the barn - teams implement more solutions, tinker with their projects. Somewhere along the line, the giant spool of bungee becomes a giant "cat's cradle" game, with humans for fingers.

IMG 2238

IMG 2252

The result? A bungee net that holds people.

IMG 2320

D7K 9168

Team Panda has been incredibly focused today. Challenges have risen left and right for them, but they've been able to plow through, to continue to tinker and try things out until they stumble on a solution.

IMG 2324

Tool wall dinosaurs, the most terrifying variety.

IMG 2331

A solution to hold team Panda's wheel-boxes in place - paracord and eyebolts.

IMG 2333

Karsen discovers that the Piki cart makes a comfortable bed.

IMG 2342

Repairs in place, Kevin takes the Kablooi cart for another spin. Much of the interest in playing on a project that looks "done" is in testing, improving, and fixing anything that goes wrong - rarely to things work as smoothly and beautifully as we expect.

IMG 2369

Each cart is given a name - the Piki name their slice shaped cart "Piki Pie"

IMG 2382

The Nooi' cart is given the name "Moonbounce," for it's suspension and ability to cope with bumpy terrain.

D7K 9777

The Panda's cart is called the "Deathtrap," for the series of challenges the team has had in getting it out working today.

The Kablooi's ATV is the "Sensitive Monster Truck," names for the many "it looks like a monster truck" comments the team has gotten, and the perceived personality the cart has.

IMG 2377

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Ari finds an unconventional perch.

IMG 2410

This afternoon, most work and repairs has been occurring outside - cycles of test, fix, test fix occur almost continuously. Tinkering is what happens between having an ATV that's done and an ATV that works awesomely - this iterative process is a great way to achieve that.

IMG 2385

And the Piki are off. IMG 2519

A Nooi test run.

IMG 2479

But even "done" projects feel like a success, especially ones that are running down the hill - every team has completed at least one test run. This success prompts group shots.

Team Piki and "Piki Pie"

IMG 2424

The Nooi and "Moonbounce"

IMG 2526

Team Panda and the "Deathtrap"

IMG 2488

And last but not least, Team Kablooi and "The sensitive Monster Truck"

IMG 2495

We horse around after dinner.

IMG 2555

Sit along the railings to hang out and talk.

IMG 2574

Portrait of a Director: Josh, skeptical.

D7K 9371

Portrait of a Collaborator: Jen, considering.

IMG 2597

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Audrey, elated.

IMG 2644

The inside of the laser cut stencils used on our shirts.

IMG 2651

Today, we got a chance to try and fail, swerve off road, to make mistakes so we could stop and figure out how to fix them. We tried things - creative T-shirt designs, various solutions. Sometimes, they worked. sometimes, they didn't. But we learned from our errors, we tried to improve. And even though our carts are still far from perfect, it's in taking the little steps, slowly closer to awesome. And that, by all accounts, we achieved.

Day 4 - Beach Madness

2014 Session C - MiddlesJoshua RothhaasComment

A day at the beach. A chance to stop, refresh. Clear our minds, focus on new problems. Today, no-one will step foot in the barn. Wednesday Beach Day has long been a tradition at Tinkering School. Right as we hit the middle of the week, the climax of our projects, we stop.

This week, stopping is a particular challenge - Nooi left their cart snapped in two, fixes in mind. Kablooi was inches away from their first test run. Panda is itching to get back to the barn to work out solutions for their challenge, and Piki is ready to modify and improve. But for just a day, we ask the kids to not focus on the problems facing them tomorrow. And with that in mind, we pile into cars and head off, ready to play in the waves.

IMG 1076

Beach day offers a break from the thought through, goal oriented building, the aim of building ATVs. Instead, we letting our minds float freely, try out different ideas. A chance to create in a different way.

The girls adopt one of the driftwood forts on the beach, and make it their own.

IMG 1081

The boys add a whole new wing and door to another structure.

IMG 1127

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Ari.

IMG 1087

Creating something, and observing it closely is a skill that often escapes us.

IMG 1094

Oftentimes, by the end of Tuesday, frustration with the challenges faced in the project runs high. And so part of our goal is a mental break.

IMG 1130

IMG 1136

Beach day is about discovery. The group discovering, changing, connecting, exploring. Trying new things, pushing boundaries. Yesterday gave us a chance to truly pull together, today those bonds are tested.

We discovered, for example, a lone sea-lion. All, curious, rushed to see.

IMG 1151

IMG 1185

Tinkering School forms strong bonds - perhaps because the experience is so unique. What better to represent this than 900 pound test friendship bracelets, made lovingly out of old parasail lines?

IMG 1161

Sometimes, beach day is just about focus, taking a zen moment.

IMG 1699

Sometimes, beach day is about stretching our minds in new directions. Pushing limits, tinkering with the understanding of what we can do.

IMG 1191

Sometimes, beach day is about fun, about taking new chances, about running, freely, engaging with friends, and perhaps hurling a sand ball.

IMG 1198

Beach day gives us new insights, a new perspective, a new lookout, approach to looking at things. And it gives us the energy we need to approach our problems with fresh eyes when we return to the barn tomorrow.

IMG 1202

Achieving something, success in our endeavors. Sometimes, in the midst of a challenging project, what we most need is the confidence that we can, indeed, suceed.

IMG 1206

Hands of a Tinkerer: Kevin discovers the properties of charcoal.

IMG 1210

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Karsen, our resident Paleontologist.

IMG 1750

And we unlock new types of creativity, new types of artistry. A different type of freedom, but freedom nonetheless.

IMG 1211

IMG 1213

Working in tandem, learning from each other. But there are no assigned teams, no divisions, just the will to challenge one another into trying new things. (Ana teaches Nova to do hand-stands)

IMG 1219


IMG 1224

We learn patience and determination through the choice of our own projects. Beach day gives us a way to try out new skills we've learned, and learn more along the way.

IMG 1236

Together, we can achieve anything - there is no replacement for friendship.

IMG 1232

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Jonah Jr. plays his knife as a harmonica. (Knives + sand don't work out well)

IMG 1477

The challenge of synchronization, of being in sync with the group, of working individually to meet a common goal.

IMG 1262

Taking a chance to wander, talk, take a break.

IMG 1412

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Anya, thinking.

IMG 1433

Beach day gives us time for self reflection. As a collaborator commented: "It's amazing, watching these kids grow." Even in just a few days of Tinkering School, we've each changed. Perhaps in little ways, perhaps in big ones. Life would be totally different if we made slightly different choices.

IMG 1379

We race forwards.

IMG 1287

We urge each other onwards, support and encourage one-another.

IMG 1416

We come home thinking anything is possible, that we can fly. And with that attitude, we really, absolutely can.

IMG 1439

Portrait of a Collaborator: Nova

IMG 1456

We find joy in the littlest of things, a sense of accomplishment in reaching even the smallest goals.

IMG 1461

We get a chance to rest, to ponders, to breathe, to be fully immersed in the moment.

IMG 1591

A chance to trust in one another in a new setting, outside of the barn, a chance to build confidence in one another. This trust between teammates allow them to work together more easily, to hear out each-others ideas, trust in the others suggestions.

IMG 1102

IMG 1599

A chance to sleep.

IMG 1711

A chance to climb.

IMG 1727

And instead of free build, beach day ends the way it started - the whole group together, watching a movie (Wall-E, preceded by Abbott & Costello's "Who's on First").

IMG 1768

Ana and Jonah Sr., who named the blog tonight, asked me to call it Beach Madness. And perhaps, thats the best way of putting it. The beach is a place to be crazy, to try new and crazy things, to challenge ourselves. And somehow, we all come back renewed.

Thanks to Nova, again, for selecting the pictures and editing.

For more photos, check out our flickr feed!

Day 3 - Camaraderie

2014 Session C - MiddlesJoshua RothhaasComment

After a quick breakfast, the group heads for the barn, ready to get back to work, to tackle the frustrations and problems we faced yesterday afternoon with fresh eyes and minds, and to make progress. Josh, bearer of the compost bowl. IMG 0136

But before work can get started, the compost must be dispersed - the perfect excuse for an early morning visit to the chickens.

IMG 0181

And then it's back to work. Panda works on attaching more rubber elastics for their wheel boxes.

IMG 0218

And Kablooi is back to work too. Despite a minor setback yesterday afternoon - the boards with the inner grooves that allow the axle to slide vertically up and down were installed on the wrong side of the box - the team is able to adjust, address the challenge, and continue forward.

IMG 0222

Portrait of a Collaborator: Daniel brandishes a drill.

IMG 0226

The Piki's trapezoidal cart is coming along. The team works out some reinforcements and looks to add attachment points for their suspended seat.

IMG 0230

A peek at Piki plans.

D7K 8541

Ava supports the Panda suspension box, trying it outside for the first time.

D7K 8544

Meanwhile, Piki sets to work on brakes - wood covered by pieces of an old bike tire, which will pivot to stop the cart. On any project that involves vehicles, braking is necessary to make sure we maintain control at all times. It's also a great challenge - making and adapting braking systems that work with the wheel box design you've got.

D7K 8547

Working in pairs is great - you've always got the extra set of hands anticipating your needs, you have company, and when you get stuck, you have an extra mind problem solving along with you. Tuesday, now that we've had a chance to get to know one another and each-others styles of working, teams really get closer.

Rory and Kevin add the re-jigsawed boards with the internal grooves back into the correct place.

IMG 0239

Bits of Tinkering School creativity.

D7K 8549

The creature (Olaf) belongs to Eloise.

IMG 0246

The Nooi wheel-box factory.

IMG 0249

Eighteen hard-working tinkerers makes for a busy barn.

IMG 0254

When the weather's nice, working outdoors can be fun. Anya and Aimee work together to assemble Panda's cart-body.

D7K 8551

Your Daily Goat.

D7K 8553

Jonah takes a minute to put together the back wheels for a side project.

D7K 8556

Portrait of a Tinkerer: James and the Rubber Bungees.

D7K 8557

Teams plow forward on their projects - tons of energy, busy hands, and momentum.

The Kablooi:

D7K 8561

The Nooi:

D7K 8563

The Piki:

D7K 8564

And Panda:

D7K 8570

Hands of a Tinkerer: Rory gets in for the tough angle.

D7K 8574

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Eloise, pensive.

D7K 8578

Rory studies.

D7K 8580

The Kablooi need notches in the bottom side pieces in order to get the wheels low enough for the bottom of the cart to have enough clearance above the ground. Armed with a drill and a jigsaw, Junior Collaborator Serena is up for the job.

IMG 0267

Portrait of a Tomatillo Plant.

D7K 8599

Leslie, the ranch coordinator, takes the group on a tour of the ranch, introducing us to the animals and showing us the gardens.

D7K 8606

Eloise befriends a goat.

D7K 8633

Lucy, meet Lucy.

D7K 8672

As we clean up the barn before lunch, we get a look at the state of the projects.

Kablooi's frame is beginning to come together.

D7K 8696

The Nooi have a double (back to back) seat made and mounted.

D7K 8697

"Mango juice? Can I have it in a bowl?" Jonah asks. "My cup's outside."

D7K 8722

The third rule of Tinkering School - all unresolvable disputes are settled by ro-sham-bo. When Serena tells James and Jonah this, they must immediately put it to the test, creating absurd statements with which to challenge the other and then playing.

D7K 8727

D7K 8728

Portrait of a Collaborator: Nova

D7K 8747

Kevin, eating chocolate.

D7K 8752

Portrait of a Collaborator: Tricia, sly.

D7K 8754

Karsen, knife at the ready.

D7K 8763

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Ari, content.

D7K 8769

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Rory, eyes glinting with curiosity.

D7K 8776

Panda's been running into a few minor issues with their wheel boxes. They work on them. Jonah plays with the tire-less bike.

D7K 8811

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Kevin grins.

D7K 8815

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Grazzia, accomplished.

D7K 8832

Kablooi starts attaching the bungees that will hold the wheels down.

IMG 0320

Nova, the photographer.

D7K 8859

Jonah Sr. - Click. Click.

IMG 0329

Kevin works on the Kablooi suspension boxes.

IMG 0350

The Piki's suspended "hammock" is in progress.

D7K 8865

IMG 0366

Audrey tests out the new hammock.

IMG 0386

It steers!

IMG 0430

The Kablooi suspension is working, too! Kevin tests it out.

IMG 0461

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Zachary - a captured moment.

D7K 8939

The Piki take their trapezoidal ATV for a test run.

D7K 8965

Then reaches and improve. Jen considers adding a crossbeam.

D7K 8970

Test two!

D7K 8980

And three! Success!

D7K 9002

Piki, thrilled, takes a moment to rest. Their cart isn't perfect yet, but they're off to a great start.

Audrey finds a chicken.

D7K 9041

The Kablooi cart - nearly there.

IMG 0684

The Nooi's cart is ready for a test drive. James clambers aboard.

IMG 0749

Madelyn takes a ride!

IMG 0807

While excitement runs high in the barn area - two teams have now tested their carts, (though Nooi's cart body snapped in two and has to be fixed) a group headed down to the creek to explore. They return in the midst of this excitement bearing a baby bird.

IMG 0843

Found at the creek, the tinkerers named the baby "July." Kevin saw the bird fall out of a tree and saved it from drowning in the creek.

This brought much excitement and discussion on what to do. After learning that birds would take back offspring even after they were picked up by humans, we decided to return the bird to it's home. A group headed for the creek to do just that.

IMG 0869

Even though the group couldn't find the birds nest, they left it in a nearby tree. Within a minute, the mother returned, chirping to it's baby. The group left the happily reunited pair for a few minutes to give them space, and returned to find both gone - headed back to the nest. The happiest possible ending.

IMG 0873

Today has been filled with a wonderful sense of caring. The group has truly pulled together and begun to watch out for one another. When minor cuts and scrapes occur in the barn, alert tinkerers race to help grab band-aids and gauze. We've become protective of one another. Tuesday has been a magical day.

IMG 0883

Post Script: Evening activities included brownies, barn time, and these beautiful crepes, made by Nova and Jonah.

D7K 9121

D7K 9123

Thanks to Nova, for selecting tonight's flicker feed of pictures and for her help with the blog.

Day 2 - Problem Solvers

2014 Session C - MiddlesJoshua RothhaasComment

Rise and shine! Josh and Tricia are up and ready for the morning. Monday always seems to be our earliest wake-up, tinkerers, both young and old, full of anticipation and excitement. IMG 8486

After breakfast, we head for the barn for the grand reveal of this week's project. But before we hear the surprise, Josh reads off the teams.

Tinkering School has had, at any one point, up to four teams. With our biggest group of tinkerers yet, we divide into all four, complete with the traditional names; the Piki, Nooi, Kablooi and Panda.

IMG 8496

On Piki: Jen (the collaborator for the group), Gus, Anna, Karsen, Audrey, Lucy.

Nooi consists of James, Jonah "Junior" (the older and taller of the two Jonah's this week), Ari and Grazzia, with Madelyn as the collaborator.

Kablooi is made up of Jonah "Senior" (the younger Jonah), Kevin, Eloise, and Rory, and led by the junior collaborators, Serena and Kevin (yes, we also have two Kevins)

Panda is guided by Tricia as the collaborator, and contains Adam, Zachary, Anya, Ava, and Aimee.

Before gathering with our groups, Josh announces the project for the week - building All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), complete with suspension, that will be able to handle the bumpy terrain and downhill trails of the ranch with ease. Challenges to look forward too include designing suspension systems that allow the carts to handle the bumps, building steering, and working out brakes.

The groups gather to discuss their thoughts.

D7K 8297

Pens fly across paper as tinkerers race to draw the first ideas that come to mind. Ideas flow. The rush of brainstorming is upon us.

D7K 8303

Team Piki plays with the rubber bungee cords, prototyping the first ideas of how to work out a suspension system. Getting our hands on the actual materials helps us learn more about it and understand what we have to work with.

D7K 8310

And team Panda plans.

IMG 8534

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Gus being Gus.

IMG 8552

Audrey and Gus continue to prototype.

IMG 8561

Lucy discovers a use for all of the hooks that came with the rubber bungees- strung together, they make an interesting chain. Monday is about working out solutions, trying out strange or even crazy ideas, and solving, developing and designing the first drafts of the project we'll spend the next week on.

IMG 8574

Josh and the Kablooi talk about suspension solutions. Most of the teams have decided to tackle the challenge of suspension first, figuring out a way to allow the wheels move independently of the body, allowing the cart to absorb the shock of bumpy terrain.

Some solutions have included the idea of a "hammock" cart that allows the body of the cart to be suspended and move independently, as well as the idea of suspending each wheel-box independently.

IMG 8592

Eloise draws out some potential solutions.

IMG 8610

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Ari, grinning.

IMG 8680

Lucy explains the trapizoidal, three wheeled design for the Piki's ATV.

IMG 8693

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Adam, confident.

IMG 8728

Team Panda gathers to put a wheel-box together.

IMG 8785

The morning bustle in the barn. One of the amazing things about Monday morning is the transformation we see in the tinkerers. Only twelve hours ago, some of the tinkerers had never set hands on tools, but within an hour and a half of announcing the project, everyone's at work, ready to try to things, to find solutions, and to problem-solve.

IMG 8792

The joy of sawing through solid steel with a hacksaw.

IMG 8807

A beckoning sign hung outside the barn door, announcing to all what happens within.

IMG 8819

Team Kablooi begins to assemble wheel boxes, the first step in their attempt to create a suspension system.

IMG 8866

Anya and Ava (Team Panda) work together well.

IMG 8871

Their work has been paying off as we near lunchtime. It looks like team Panda almost has a complete wheel-box and suspension pieces made and ready to attach rubber too.

IMG 8949

Zachary uses the hacksaw.

IMG 8962

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Eloise looks into the distance.

D7K 8335

When we return after lunch outside, the barn returns right back to where we left off - bustling tinkerers, hard at work.

IMG 8988

IMG 8999

The front steering column of the Pikki's three wheeled vehicle.

IMG 9017

Aimee and Anya continue the work on wheel boxes.

D7K 8341

Madelyn and James work out the fit of the suspension-box over the wheel-box together.

D7K 8346

Audrey loves the drill press - it's quite a fun tool.

D7K 8366

Two more of the Piki's wheel boxes come together. This week, the Piki are going with what will be one of the most different designs. Their ATV will have three wheels, instead of the four we'll see on the other carts, and no suspension for each individual wheel - just a suspended seat above the cart frame, which should achieve some of the same effects.

D7K 8368

As the afternoon wears on, tinkerers begin to need breaks - starting a project takes a huge amount of creative energy and effort, and despite how fun it is, sometimes we need time away.

Parasail cords, we discover, make great friendship bracelets. Really, really strong friendship bracelets.

D7K 8370

And bike tires, even without the bike, can be quite fun.

D7K 8373

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Eloise, determined and meticulous.

D7K 8380

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Jonah concentrates.

D7K 8382

James and Madelyn add the rubber to the Nooi suspension boxes - this will be the true test of whether it will work or not.

D7K 8389

Zachary and Adam work on the Panda suspension box - it's looking close to testable as well.

IMG 9163

Chicken break!

D7K 8402

The Kablooi wheel-boxes. Team Kablooi's next challenge will be in working with their large wheel boxes to get them to work the way they intend them too.

IMG 9211

Your Daily Goat.

IMG 9223

The tire swings are an adventure.

IMG 9247

IMG 9265

IMG 9280

IMG 9363

One of the most fascinating things about the Tinkering School process is the evolution of ideas and solutions. Even when teams start from the same concepts, and continue to share new thoughts as the projects develop, each solution, no mater how conceptually similar, turns out to be immensely different. Today, the different solutions to the problem of suspension, all at various levels of completion, offer an example of how different each solution might end up being.

The Kablooi solution involves large outer boxes with the wheel box set inside.

D7K 8431

The Panda's (now complete and working) wheel box allows the wheel room to come up.

D7K 8457

To achieve this, it uses slits in the side to allow bolt movement, and rubber bungee to hold it in place while allowing it to give.

D7K 8461

The Nooi have also completed a wheel box - in theirs, bolts allow the wheel to slide upward to a certain point, while rubber bungee holds it own. The layering of the inner and outer boxes is slightly different too.

D7K 8474

D7K 8480

The Piki have normal wheel boxes, and their suspension solution will be attached to the cart, an interesting and creative way to do it. Their triangle design also deserves attention.

D7K 8368

D7K 8522

Intrepid tinkerers take a chance to return to the creek, play and explore more.

IMG 9464

We create a rope swing, and play.

IMG 9575

IMG 9606

Swinging through our own backyard jungle. Ava has mastered the art of flying.

IMG 9651

Gus kisses a banana slug, but fails to find a beautiful princess.

IMG 9701

The hut a little ways down the creek, theoretically haunted, is searched for ghosts. None appeared.

IMG 9716

The large water tank that is the ranch's water supply makes an excellent perch for tinkerers.

IMG 9738

Up at the barn, Junior Collaborator Serena and Jonah take the chance to use the propane torch to heat a knife to cut rope for Jonah's knife.

IMG 9817

We have dinner under strings of lights Josh brought and hung in the trees.

IMG 9820

And climbed those very same trees.

IMG 9825

IMG 9877

After dinner, we spent time hanging out in the garden, playing tag, swinging on tire swings, or having free-build time in the barn, giving ourselves a chance to toy with a different type of energy than the frustrating-but-rewarding energy we needed to problem solve and get started earlier. Taking the evenings as free time to work or play on what we choose gives us a break from focusing to hard on the project. Sometimes it takes taking your mind off things to accomplish anything.

IMG 9996

Day 1 - Explorations

2014 Session C - MiddlesJoshua RothhaasComment

Welcome to Tinkering School! Sunday is a day of getting to know one another, learning about our new surroundings, exploring, and trying new things. As kids arrive, both returning and first-time tinkerers get a chance to acquaint or re-acquaint themselves with their surroundings. As the parents leave, we gather around to introduce ourselves, sharing our "spirit tools" and a fun fact about ourselves with the group. This is the first chance we have to meet our fellow tinkerers and collaborators.


As per Tinkering School tradition, each tinkerer is bestowed with a knife at the beginning of the week. It's a symbol of entrusted responsibility, but also an important tool, and allows for the everyone to share in the joy of whittling breaks.

Josh reviews with the group the five rules of knife safety.


Thrilled with their new knives, the tinkerers take the first chance they get to try them out. Pointy sticks are all the rage - an excellent choice for a first whittling project.


Rory examines her handiwork.


Portrait of a Tinkerer: Aimee enjoys.

IMG 8061

The whittling mood passes, and excited to get started, we return to the barn for tool training. The energy of this group is impressive.

IMG 8065

Your Daily Goat.

IMG 8078

James proudly displays the results of his whittling work.

IMG 8086

Armed with safety gear — goggles and headphones — the group listens intently as Nova explains how to use the chop saw.

IMG 8123

IMG 8117

Each tinkerer takes a turn. The chop saw is always a favorite, and gets much use during the week.

Audrey goes!

IMG 8149

And Jonah makes sure the blade is lined up.

IMG 8164

Though not used quite as often as the chop saw and the hand drills, the drill press has had many a purpose in plenty of projects. It is, for example, excellent at putting holes through our knives, as we later discover. Nova covers the basics.


And then, for the weekly wood-breaking. Nova discusses drill use, the important difference between a torque drill and an impact driver, and the best way to attach to boards to keeps as much strength as possible in the joint (not through the end grain).


Portrait of a Tinkerer: Gus looks on.

IMG 8307

In the lull before the storm of dinner, the tinkerers take the opportunity to discover more of what the ranch has to offer. Through the gates of Elkus flows a mystical and magical creek, which offers adventurous tinkerers a place to explore, play, climb, and splash.

IMG 8374


Look, a pull-up bar!


The hungry explorers return for dinner - outside, tonight.

IMG 8392

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe. So much more than ordinary, boring, Tic-Tac-Toe. It offers a whole new world of possibilities. Daniel, our resident expert, explains the game.

IMG 8424

The afternoon flew by without a chance to take on any particular project, and so those who wanted to return to work in the barn after dinner were free to tackle any challenge that caught their fancy - anything from go-carts to friendship bracelet makers to games of Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe, the barn was filled with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm as the kids tackled new challenges and explored new ideas.

James, ready to take on free build.

IMG 8425

A Tic-Tac-Toe match-off.

IMG 8446

And another.

IMG 8475

Today was full of energy and excitement. We got to explore, play, learn. We whittled, had a chance to try out power tools, discovered the joys of playing in the creek, and spent creative energy enjoying an evening in the barn. This week of Tinkering School has begun!

Thanks to Daniel for the editing suggestions.

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