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Session D: Day 3 - Mario Kart

2015 Session D - MiddlesJosh Rothhaas2 Comments

Morning comes early here at Tinkering School. The sun is up and shining by 6am, breakfast is at 7:30am, and by 8:30am it’s time to get started. Today is the big reveal. What’s the project? What are the group assignments? Tension builds.

This week we are trying something totally new. A mix of form, function, construction, set design, decoration, theater, and play. We are building a Mario Kart track and the karts to ride it and by weeks end we will race on it.

Each team has a chunk of the track and a theme to follow (rainbow road, ice levels, castle levels, dk mountain levels), a pile of reference art, and the task of building a cart to race on the track we will all collectively build. So many possibilities. 

Swiftly, teams subdivide into cart teams and track teams (though there is plenty of blurring) and the idea’s start flowing. How can we create obstacles? how can we creatively overcome the limits of time, supplies, and space? When we can’t re-create, can we imply, suggest, or be inspired by?

We don’t have many answers yet, but we have a lot of solid questions and a few promising prototypes. 

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