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Session D: Day 4 - Progress and Rest

2015 Session D - MiddlesJosh RothhaasComment

Wednesday starts with a functional cart under our belt. But there is so much room to grow. Wheels to experiment with, steering to adjust, and trials to run. 

The scenery and prop making this session are like nothing ever seen before at Tinkering School. Castles, rainbows made of stars, mountains, and igloos are all taking shape.

And right as we meet some success we stop to rest. A full all camp stop to the beach. A short bus ride on the Samtrans 17 down to Linda Mar. We play in the water, burry each other in sand, eat lunch, and lay out in the sun. Sunscreen is liberal and we all make it out without a sunburn.

Once back on campus we shower off. Some opt to get hosed down, we just want to get the salt and sand off. With our brains fried by swimming and sun, we continue the theme of relaxation and get ready for movie night, which tonight is the Secret of Kells.

After that it’s time for bed. Tomorrow is a big day. Thursday is where things get tricky.

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