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Session G: Day 1 - Welcome to Camp

2015 Session G - MiddlesJosh RothhaasComment

Welcome to Tinkering School! The first afternoon is a time to get acquainted, with one-another and with our surroundings.

Kids trickle in, parents and gear in tow. 

Bunk-bed selection is a very complex process, fraught with trade-offs. Bottom? Top? Near the door? In the middle of the room? Hugo snags a bottom bunk, and Nathan helps him with the fitted sheet. 

Lauren and Claire hang out as they wait for the rest of the tinkerers to arrive. There's nothing special planned for the first hour, so newly arrived tinkerers have time to get to know each other in an informal fashion. 

Once everyone has arrived, it's time for a group circle. Per Tinkering School tradition, we introduce ourselves, and share our spirit tool, the tool we each feel speaks to us most.

We talk about some expectations for working together as a group and rules for using the space— Katie takes notes, so we can refer back to them throughout the week. 

Your Daily Josh. My endeavor to capture the variety of expressions and poses which Josh can be found in throughout a week of Tinkering School. 

A game of "Head Honcho." A cross between dancing and detective work. I'll let you imagine the rest. 

It's time for the grand tour! Josh shows the tinkerers the dining area, and talks about recycling. 

On to the wood — because this is the last Tinkering School Session this summer, we've got lots of scrap wood to work with, which is great. 

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Claire, less than 12 hours in, and she 's already caught on to the camera.

After dinner (lasagna and garlic bread), we head out for a night hike. 

We pause for a moment of silence, and conclude our day by taking a moment to examine ourselves and our surrounding, right on the edge between civilization and nature. 

Today, we've created the beginnings of a group awareness, centered around the Tinkering School culture, new, budding friendships, and our space. Tomorrow, we use that awareness, as we head into tool training and our intro project. 


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