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Session G: Day 5 - The Times We Run... (or, Beach Day)

2015 Session G - MiddlesSerena G-HComment

Lauren stretches. And the morning begins. 

The teams are hyped and ready to return to work. We only have a few hours this morning to work on the projects, then we'll be heading for the beach. 

Portrait of a Tinkerer's Hand: Johnny attaches a wheel to the trolley. 

We pause to watch a test run of the "Kdunk-Kdunk."

Hugo and a hammer. In a magical moment, with timing and luck on his side. The soccer ball soars. 

The rainbow ramp. From Underwater Unicornland, of course. 

We test the gondola. It's quite a procedure, involving many hands. 

And the trolley, which is now beautifully painted. We'll have lots of time to reflect on what we see over the next 18 hours, as we head to the beach and take a break. Josh has encouraged us to push it out of our conscience minds, and let our subconscious mull the challenges over.  

A mountain range. 

Nathan, Hugo, and David are pumped for beach day. 

Fifteen minutes until departure.... Ready, Set, Go! 

Getting off campus does wonders for a tinkerer's mindset. Away from the challenges of the project at hand, we get the chance to clear our heads. 

Portrait of a Collaborator: Nathan, waiting for the bus. 

It's wonderful to chance a new sort of adventure. 

We get to put on a fresh face. 

Your Daily Josh. 

Your Daily Josh. 

Take a stroll... 

Play in the waves. 

We challenge our imaginations and stretch our creativity. 

We race towards a different sort of finish. 

We enjoy the calm. 

We allow new sorts of conversation and connection. 

We bond as a group. 

Beach day fosters beautiful things. Creativity, a new sort of open-mindedness. And just the pure joy of playing in the ocean. 

But like all good things, it too comes to an end. 

And in our reluctance to leave, we almost miss the bus. 

We get clean ... 

And finish our day with a movie. 

We've had the chance to clear our heads and relax a little. Tinkering School requires an immense amount of work and focus, and taking a break is what makes it possible. Tired and happy, we head to bed. 

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