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Session G: Day 6 - Problems with the Space Unicorn

2015 Session G - MiddlesJosh RothhaasComment

After a day of rest, a good movie and plenty of sleep, everyone is ready for a big long push to get everything working as the week comes to an end. The troubles we face this day are particularly strange. the Kaduna-kadunk isn’t working constantly. The air-tram is struggling, while the trolly station doesn’t even exist yet. Not to mention the space-unicorn obstacles, or the unicorn head elevator. The catapult is working pretty well, but the siege tower is behind schedule and we are just hoping the castle is up and running in time. Oh, and we’ve barely started the volcano. Like no other project in Tinkering School history, just talking about the problem feels like an alternate universe. 

We have so much to do and we get to doing it. By days end there is tension int he air. Every team feels like they need one more full day, but instead we all have one more hour tomorrow morning. 

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