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Session G: Day 7 - It all works! Sort of!

2015 Session G - MiddlesJosh RothhaasComment

Today we woke up nervous. Would it all work? Would the Massively Major Mini Golf Course work? And the answer is, yes, sort of. Each individual part worked, or eventually worked but a few needed one or two tries. One of the great things about Tinkering School is that the projects aren't guaranteed to work. We start from a genuine place of mystery and challenge no one quite knows how to tackle. We took on a huge project and our ambition was challenged by the short timeline we where one, but our ambition was also rewarded by some of the most interesting and complicated mechanisms we have ever seen or made. A catapult that could shoot hoops, a gondola that can deliver a soccer ball. A working trolly delivery system. A jump that seemed random, but actually had the same result every time (very tricky), and so many more.

After playing one round, we call it a day and deconstruct everything. Tinkering School is about making, not having, and as part of that we ask the kids to join us in project deconstruction as a way to drive home the point. 

Sadly we can't find any photos from today. We are searching high and wide and when we find them we will post them. Yesterday's post has quite a few for now, but we will keep looking. 

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