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Session A: Day 1 - It's Good To Be Home

2016 Session A - JuniorsGever4 Comments

It's good to be back at Elkus - setting up in our new home. Miles, one of our collaborators, happy to see the work of the last couple weeks paying off. now that camp is (mostly) set-up.

boop - 1.jpg

We're excited to have our first campers of the summer arrive - and they're excited to start. Name badges are made, and we circle up to discuss camp rules. 

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Evan's happy to be here, too. 

Milo, who's traveled to us from Mexico, has settled right in. 

It wouldn't be a Tinkering School day without getting our hands on the tools- and thus, tool training begins. Caroline, a collaborator, explains the importance of safety googles. 

boop - 15.jpg

Each Tinkerer has the chance to try there hand at one of our favorite tools - the chop saw!

boop - 10.jpg

And what would home be without a mouth-watering dinner? On the menu tonight - chicken, salad, and potatoes.  

More smiles from us tomorrow - we have our big project reveal, and our first full day of tinkering to look forward to!  (ghostwritten by Serena)

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