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Session C: Day 7 - Race to the Finish

2016 Session C - SeniorsSerena G-H1 Comment

The City Team is nothing if not determined. They decided to wake up and get out there by 6:30 am, in order to get their tower finished and the platform mounted before parents arrive.  By the time the rest of us are rolling out of bed for breakfast, they are in full swing.  

A view from the inside. Chloe climbs. 

From the deck, you can see just how significant a stretch of track we've built. 

Caroline and Anna work together to set up the posts for the railing on the observation deck. 

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Sophia

It's 10:00am, and eager parents have begun to arrive to pick up their tinkerers. The City Team is so close to finishing the skyscraper, and will stop for no one. 

Kieran, Zeke, and Elijah prep the cart for launch. 

A crowd gathers, and Kieran prepares to pull the pin, which will release the bungee and launch the cart. It's the first go of the morning, so they test it without a passenger first. 

And it's off.... success!

And then we load up Zeke and send him off. 

Then we gather for a final group moment and photo.  The tower is open, and the City Team couldn't be prouder.  

A crew climbs up to take a look. 

It's cool to chat and catch up with parents at the end of the week. 

Lily runs along the side of the cart as Tyler and his sister take a ride on the train. 

It's a thrill to ride on something you've made - Noa takes a turn. 

Chloe, the winner of the "value proposition game" (see Thursday night's blog for details) decides to eat her second helping of ice cream straight from the container, which she brings down to the build site. She shares a bite with Gever. 

And all too soon, it's time to say goodbye. We cross our fingers, and hope for a "see you next year." 

To some campers, it's hugs...

For others, high fives. We have a lot to celebrate, and a lot to be proud of. 

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