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Session D: Day 1 - Tools for Tinkering

2016 Session D - JuniorsSerena G-HComment

Welcome to Tinkering School!  It's Session D, Day 1, and we're starting to hit a rhythm here at camp.

Sunday afternoon and evening gives us a chance to start getting to know our new group of campers. It gives our campers a chance to get to know the camp and each other, and it gives us the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the tools they'll get to know well throughout the week. 

After drop-off, we open with a group circle: we share our names, where we're from, and our "Spirit Tool" - the tool we feel most in tune with. Our campers this week mention everything from sewing machines and lasers to their own hands and tongues. 

We also review the rules of Tinkering School, providing the group with a framework for how to act this week. 

Then it's time for tool training. Today, we're learning about some of our most commonly used Tinkering School tools - clamps, drills, and the chop saw. Each tinkerer is numbered off, and place in one of three groups, which rotate through each training station.

Avigael is fascinated by the clamp structure she helped assemble. 

fung - 1.jpg

Collaborator Nik is leading clamp training this afternoon - he leans over to give some advice to his group as they work out how to use the sometimes finicky clamps. 

Collaborator Serena explains how the drills work before the kids get a chance to try. 

fung - 8.jpg

A couple of our kids have chosen camp names this week, which we try to go by in the blog as well. Collaborator Serena helps Watermelon learn how to use the quick release in the impact drivers to put the drill bit in. 

fung - 4.jpg

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Reed is going by "Deer" this week, because it's his name spelled backwards. 

Collaborator Dee explains to her group how the chop saw works, and how to operate it safely. 

fung - 9.jpg

Adam tries out the different types of clamps. 

Silvia and Deer work together to make their clamp structure longer. Benjamin spies the camera. 

With a little guidance, the tinkerers begin practicing their technique. 

fung - 7.jpg

Each tinkerer used a power tool today, some of them for the very first time.  Now that the tools of tinkering are in their grasp, they are excited to start, and eager for the project reveal tomorrow. More from us then! 

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