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Session D - Day 6 - A Bittersweet End Before The Lava Comes

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It's Friday and our week has sadly come to an end. That doesn't mean that there will be a slow in work however... these campers worked harder than they had all week! 

We reached a level of success with all of our projects, and an air (and many whispers) of pride were surrounding the build site. This was a great week with some great campers and we're sad to see them go. 

Reed begins the day by making sure the ratchet straps are super duper extra tight! 

Milo watches the team plan, making sure they're all on the same page. 

Arielle makes sure that the railing for the ramp is taught (do you see the drawing by a camper?)

Zubin gets a helping hand in clamping down his plywood for the circular saw.

Amberly clamps down a step before securing on even more supports! 

Gregory and Chase take a tire swing break! 

Dylan learns how to lash, and lashes his mountain together! 

He decided that it wasn't quite strong enough, so he chose to add flexible brackets to the joints to add extra support. (He also added one rockin' step!)

Reed takes Zubin and Jonah's bridge pieces to the forest for installation! 

And it's a bridge now! Hung high from the tree, it provides a safe passage across the lava. 

Andrew observes the happenings from his self-made chair on the Panda deck. 

Dylan takes a ride on the top of Gever's car! (A quintessential Tinkering School experience!) 

Raquel perfects her stilt work, ready to show her skills off on Saturday!

It's painting time! The Piki team insisted their ramp be rainbow, so rainbow it shall be. 

Reed takes a test walk on the bridge! 

Chase takes a board break on the plywood.

A small sample of the entire ramp... and platform! 

Dylan and Andrew work together to add steps to the mountain.

A shot of the forest, pre-clean up, post bridge installation. 

We end the night with a tradition bonfire, with roasting marshmallows, and sawdust thrown into it.

We also had a circle appreciating how others have helped us, to give everyone a chance to see how much the project truly depended on them, and how they in the end, did make a difference, which can be hard to see when you're young. 

We had a wonderful week escaping the lava, and now we'll just have to see if their structures survive (I've got a good feeling they will). The week is over, but the great memories made this week will continue on and we hope to see these faces back again! 

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