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Session D - Day 5 - Back to Work and We're Almost Done!

Tinkering School Staff3 Comments

It's Thursday and it's time to get back to work after a relaxing beach day. Our projects are nearing the "close to done" stage and the air is buzzing with excitement.

The early birds played with the projector, taking turns drawing masterpieces with dry erase markers.

Nicky makes his way down the spiral staircase.

Andrew hides from the camera using the proper tools available to him (while building an awesome platform!)

Tightening ratchet straps takes a lot of effort, and Henry definitley figured that out today. 

Stilt break! Milo took a fall but got back up ready to try again! 

Reed climbs the almost finished spiral staircase. 

Gregory stops and poses for the camera while securing the foot holds to Piki's ramp. 

Rohan learns a new tool! He uses the jigsaw to cut a precise angle for the Panda team. 

Chase works on his skateboard, and uses bolts and washers to lift his screws up since we didn't have the right length. Very innovative! 

Hot knife! This is a favorite tool among many of the campers this week. 

The ramp is up! Divya takes a first climb. 

Miya adds supports to her team's steps to make sure they can hold the weight of any tinkerer. 

Raquel made stilt shoes! 

Raquel falls off said stilt shoes. She fixed them though! She realized that she needed to more firmly attatch them around the ankle, and tie them into her shoes. 

Andrew takes a tire(d) swing break. 

Zubin and Jonah (not pictured) have been working all day on their bridge pieces! They got them all done through some serious dedication. 

Henry adds the finishing touch on the ramp, multi-colored paracord railings! 

Milo and Amberly work to finish the steps before dinner is here! 

This day ended wonderfully, with excitement for tomorrow's "last-push" adrenaline rush! It's been an amazing week so far, and these projects are going to be great. 

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Miya, with a healthy snack!

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