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TSO- A - Day 3- Tests, Plans and Just Hanging Out...

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Today was one of those days where a lot happened. Each group dealt with challenges ranging from group dynamics to having no material to figuring out the mechanics of pulley systems [yes the mini project did come in handy!]. We also took a break and met the wonderful animals at Elkus. Finn the goat showing us tricks like kicking a soccer ball, jumping through hoops, running through cones and bowing at the end of the performance. 

Piki, the gondola lift group, started the day with Noa making a model of the project to figure out pulley placements and mechanisms needed for the final. The others worked on the chair to make it sturdier. Justin, Loren and Kaitlyn secured the cable to the trees to get ready to test. This group started their preliminary tests today with the big chair, which is very strong and secure. Even with a secure chair the first test resulted in a big failure where the cable fell to the ground as soon as someone sat on the chair, this is why we start testing closer to the ground. The second tests were much better and the cable was able to hold one or two people. Now they are looking at ways to reduce friction on the pulleys and looking at mechanisms that will pull the gondola uphill.

Kablooi is building an elevator that takes people up to a platform on the tree. This group dealt with some group issues, they felt suck and had many ideas but had issues communicating with the group. They built another triangle to position the platform and they spent time together as a group and worked on their dynamics and swung on the swing. Now that the group is more together, the group has Thursday and Friday to work on their project. 

Nooi started with fixing their work from yesterday after which they reached an impasse because we did not have enough material to continue their 18 foot project! After looking around we found lots of old 4x4 12 feet planks which are much bigger and sturdier than the original, which made them change plan and decide to make a new base using our new discovery and make the smaller one the top. They planned their structure several times, dug four 2 foot deep holes to place the panels. Sasha also came up with a sweet bitt and drill holding system to make things smoother. They also used their free build time at 6:30 to work on their project some more.

To conclude, each group dealt with different challenges and worked through them together. The Tinkering School really does create an environment which sees failure as a chance to grow and not as something bad which, in my opinion creates space to experience living in the moment and tinker to your hearts content. I am excited for a rest day tomorrow and hang out with the campers before another two days of building. 

The evening is winding down with card games, soccer, baked good and chats. I leave this blog now and join the fun. A excited-tired ciao from me, Ara. 

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