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TSO- A- Day 5- Upwards is the Way to Go!

2018 Session A - SeniorsTinkering School Staff1 Comment

A lot happened today. Piki, Nooi and Kablooi all have something that goes up, or something that could go up. They have all been working very hard and seem to be enjoying it. This process of tinkering is not only about building all these wonderfully inspiring projects but it is also about learning how to work with others, learning how to believe in yourself and actually being in charge 100%. Each group has learnt through mistakes and have pushed through all that confusion and frustration. They come out smiling, have more questions, and are even more inspired to try new things. 

Today Piki was testing their seat from greater heights and tried to find ways to make a sturdier. Their plan is to divide the weight of the chair between two pulleys and stabilize it with wood in between, and since this is still something that they are working on I am excited to see how they move forward. Today, they replicated the model, created an exciting break system and attached all the pulleys. They now have the [almost] final version up and ready test... 

Nooi is all about the structure! They started the day by dismantling their work from the first day. They then added onto the sturdy structure that they put up a couple days ago. They added lots of triangles to make it even stronger. The lift is also all done, placed and ready to go up! Tomorrow will be the day of mechanisms for this group. They have been working really hard to make their structure sturdy and I think they have succeeded [we will see after the tests], they secured the path of the elevator even more by adding secure vertical poles. All I can say is that if this works, they view will be out of this world!

Kablooi really got things going for them today! They have an elevator and will spend tomorrow working on the little glitches. Today was the day where all the little tinkering they did came together. This group had been having some group dynamic issues but just seeing them come together today while testing their elevator just warmed my heart. They were a real group today and they have something to show for it! 
They created the preliminary elevator with the base board and rope found around the shop, which definitely made the elevator go up but the board was not balanced and rope kept getting tangled. Loren brought some new stronger rope for the group and this time, the lifting process was so much smoother. They also built a railing system to keep the board more balanced. I am excited to see how the make this ride smoother tomorrow!!

Here are some other fun photos of the day to finish this post. Adios my friends.

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