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TSO-C/D - Day 10 - Steady Progress

2018 Session C/D-MiddlesTinkering School StaffComment

Tinkerers wake up bright and early excited to continue work on the projects for the Friday Festival. Breakfast is eaten quickly, and we rush up to the build site. We break off into our project groups and hold morning meetings.

The ferris wheel team starts off the day with a discussion about various design challenges and what the team aims to accomplish by the end of the day. Julie, one of our camp engineers, writes down some of the underlying physics. 

TSOD - 1.jpg

After the team's meeting, Gabrielle reiterates her seat design from yesterday.

TSOD - 4.jpg

Katherine and Ryan add more supports to the wheel of the ferris wheel.

TSOD - 3.jpg

The tables prove difficult to properly level. To address this problem, we change the type of knot supporting the table which allows for easier adjustments.

TSOD - 6.jpg

Charlotte and Aime lash a platform to a tree. When finished, they climb up to test it's stability. It comfortably fits three people. Designing and building the bridge is next.

TSOD - 34.jpg

The thunderdome frame rises up from the ground. The team works on securing the legs between the top and bottom levels.

TSOD - 9.jpg
TSOD - 13.jpg
TSOD - 19.jpg

Vince tests out the ergonomics of the current ferris wheel seat design.

TSOD - 15.jpg

Aaron, Chris, and Max add more triangles to the support frames for the ferris wheel. Every support counts as the ferris wheel with passengers will weigh a good amount.

TSOD - 16.jpg
TSOD - 18.jpg

Savan constructs a third table for the forest. In the end, there will be four tables which will hopefully provide enough room for everyone to have a feast on the day of the festival.

TSOD - 17.jpg

Victoria works on a bench for the tables. The bench features tall legs to address the high height of the table.

TSOD - 42.jpg

Swings provide a nice resting opportunity.

TSOD - 21.jpg

It's time to fit the top and bottom of the thunderdome together.

TSOD - 24.jpg

The two parts fit together flawlessly much to the relief of the thunderdome team.

TSOD - 25.jpg

Watermelon uses the drill press to create a hole that will house the metal rod which will be the pivot point of the ferris wheel seat.

TSOD - 26.jpg

The seat design with the metal rod works, but improvements need to be made. The seat tips back a little too far if the rider leans back too much, it's hard to get in and out of the seat, and it doesn't quite fit taller riders.

TSOD - 29.jpg
TSOD - 28.jpg
TSOD - 41.jpg

The thunderdome will feature doors that will open vertically to unleash each combatant. Pulleys for the doors are attached.

TSOD - 35.jpg

Even with all the time spent on projects, there is still time for free building. A cart is tested on the hill leading up to the build site. The car rolls, but because it has no steering, it heads straight for the bushes.

TSOD - 36.jpg
TSOD - 37.jpg
TSOD - 38.jpg

In the final hour of building, the in the forest makes a prototype bridge which successfully supports many tinkerers. 


Much progress has been made by the end of the day, and tinkerers walk back from the build site exhausted. Tomorrow is beach day, allowing for much needed rest for both tinkerers and collaborators. On Thursday, project building will resume, and the teams will push to have working structures.

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