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TSO-C/D - Day 9 - Planning for the Celebration

2018 Session C/D-MiddlesTinkering School StaffComment

We wake up and rush straight to the polls. Voter participation is incredible! Savan is elected Head Activist, Watermelon is elected Head Realist, and Julie is elected Head Collaborator. Our democracy progresses with full speed.

TSOC716 - 2.jpg

Crowns are passed out to the winners of the election.

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With the votes counted, it's time to start planning for the festival on Friday. We begin designing all sorts of improvements to our kingdom, dream up attractions, and sketch festival layouts.

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Once our ideas are on paper, we share them to the larger group. We decide to split up into two groups: festival rides and attractions and preparations for the feast. Within the smaller groups, we decide specific projects we want to work on. The two attractions will be a thunderdome and a ferris wheel. The other group plans to add a bridge to the forest castle and tables to feast on.

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Before we start any building, we must brainstorm and agree upon group agreements.

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Up at the build site, the designing continues. The castle improvement and feast team starts on their tables. They decide to not build legs and instead suspend them from the trees, presenting an interesting design challenge.

TSOC716 - 14.jpg

The ferris wheel design is coherent and is ready to be executed.

TSOC716 - 22.jpg

Table construction is in order. Supports are measured and plywood is attached.

TSOC716 - 16.jpg
TSOC716 - 19.jpg

Aaron measures pieces for the sides of the ferris wheel.

TSOC716 - 21.jpg

Ryan gets some wood to begin the wheel of the ferris wheel.

Charlotte and Aime check out the tree situation. They hope to build a platform which will become one end of the bridge.

TSOC716 - 20.jpg

Katherine and Ryan use a angle grinder to cut metal pipe. The segments will separate the 2 sides of the wheel of the ferris wheel.

TSOC716 - 27.jpg

The thunderdome frame takes shape.

TSOC716 - 33.jpg

All hands on deck! We move the tower from the pyramid castle into the forest.

TSOC716 - 25.jpg
TSOC716 - 26.jpg

Watermelon and Gabrielle work on seats for the ferris wheel.

TSOC716 - 37.jpg

Large triangles are constructed to be the supports of the ferris wheel.

TSOC716 - 36.jpg

The completed tabletop is carried into the forest to be suspended.

Suspending the table proves to be a challenge. Onion, Victoria, and Viggo decide to tie figure 8 knots under the tables which will act as stoppers.

TSOC716 - 35.jpg
TSOC716 - 32.jpg

After a long day of building, we walk back to the conference center to eat dinner and wind down for the night. We play games and, later, watch Fantastic Mr. Fox. Tomorrow we will continue our preparations for the Friday festival.

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