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TSO-E- Day 6 - The Maiden Voyage Comes To An End

2018 Session E - All AgesTinkering School StaffComment

We wake up energized for our final day of working. When we got to the worksite, Micheala employs Kaitlyn's extremely hot knife skills to cut through rope.

Meanwhile, Aidan and Finn measure and calculate where to put the wheels on their pirate ship train.

Then, Isabella uses the drill press to drill perfectly sized holes for the wheels to attach to.

At the same time, Ben, Cate, Swaggy Dog, and Potatoness put in supports for their pirate ship train.

Lauren and Sage add in more supports for their floor extension.

Then, Henry goes for a test run in the pirate ship zip line.

Ally paints her team a pirate flag as Caroline draws a maiden head out of sharpie!

Lunch seems to take us by surprise after a morning filled with such hard work. Of course there's the usual swinging and whittling by Nave, Isabella, and Kya, but today we also get some surprise visitors from our neighboring camp. Michaela, Isabella, Niko, and Ang demonstrate the pirate zip line for these younger kids, and soon a line forms. 

For free build, Paul builds a foldable bungee chair and Nave photobombs his demo.

Cate, Sage, Jack, and Kya also hang up their swing and employ Kiana and Finn to help test it out before allowing everyone to enjoy it.

Then everyone gets right back to work as Potatoness works with Adam to staple gun his flag onto the mast, Ang and Micheala figure out what needs to be added to their zip line ship, and Ben and Aidan show off their pirate flag.

As we get closer to the end of the day, Caroline helps Finn, Potatoness, and Isabella test out their pulley powered ship.

Then, with the mast and sail attached, Cate, Isabella, Aidan, and Adam set sail!

After a delicious pizza dinner, we head out to the fire pit for our end of the week campfire.

Everyone places bets on when the tower will fall and we shoot around some love lasers (compliments or fun stories about anyone at camp). Reminiscing gets everyone laughing and emotional...

We end the night with s'mores by the campfire, as all the best nights end.

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