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TSO-E- Day 5 - Coming Together

2018 Session E - All AgesTinkering School StaffComment

We all wake up with a delicious french toast breakfast thanks to our wonderful chef, Natty. We then head up to the work site for the second-to-last-time. We briefly plan out what to do for the day...

and get started!

A few tinkerers got to use some pretty cool tools.

And, right before lunch, Lauren, Paul, and Jack set their floor extension support in place.

During lunch, Nave does his best Green Arrow impression, Potatoness and Finn share a chair, and Finn and Nave climb some trees.

For free build, Henry whittles, Cate, Jack, and Sage finish up their rope bench, Michaela and Ang made a one-legged stool, and Ben and Potatoness make a massage table.

Then, Adam works with Aidan and Isabella to connect their tracks.

Micheala, Ang, and Niko finish up their zip line boat.

Meanwhile, Paul, Lauren, Jack, Nave, Sage, and Kya place their floor extension and put in supports for their crow's nest.

Waiting for dinner, Kya utilizes her time with some more whittling.

We finish up the day with card games, handcuff escaping races, and baking cookies! We'll all have a good night's rest tonight!

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