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Cyborgs (Fall 2016)Sage RyanComment

Its our second to last Thursday session, and the crew are rock stars in the shop, addressing two of our unfinished face pieces for our Mr. Potato Head. With the eyes and the ears finished, folks who worked on the nose wanted to wrap that up, and another group decided to begin rebuilding the mouth! 

The mouth had fallen apart a couple weeks back. A group of tinkerers set to investigating discombobulated wooden pile of lips and teeth. why and discovered that the screws they had used were too small to strongly hold the structure together. 

 unscrewing and rescrewing with longer screws.

 unscrewing and rescrewing with longer screws.

The mouth group quickly re-built it, and as they looked at their structure, another idea was sparked... 

So the team got to work on designing a tongue for Mr. Potato Head to stick out!! It was agreed that in order to resemble the organic curve of that body part, we'd need to make some angled cuts. 

and that we did!

and that we did!

Once all the cuts were made, the pieces were clamped together in their desired shape, and the team secured them into a big long tongue!

in the rear of this picture, the new mouth can be seen in all its monstrous rectangular glory

in the rear of this picture, the new mouth can be seen in all its monstrous rectangular glory

All the while, another team had been finishing the nose. 

Last week's session ended with an almost completed nose, and the tinkerers only needed three more side panels. They took their measurements and got to the band saw!

The crew finished applying the panels to the nose with plenty of session time left over, and the idea arose to give Potato head a hair accessory under his big green nose... a mustache!!

But how to make wood look hairy?? The nose-turned-mustache-team decided to use para-cord for some texture. They drilled holes into their plywood 'stache.... (and learned to use a drill-bit a bit bigger than usual!) 

and strung it up!!!

With all the team's progress today, it looks like the tinkerers may be able to dedicate their last session to putting all these body parts onto Mr. Potato Head's Head!!

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