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Day 2 - It begins

2014 Session B - SeniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

The Tinkering School day begins at a rough hour for the teenagers - up at 7:00, breakfast at 7:40. The usual set of bagels, cereal and the like are available. With some food in our bellies and a few swigs of orange juice behind us everyone is perking right up and a rousing debate about the nature of humor and its qualities ensues. Josh defends that sarcasm is the lowest form of humor, while Naomi takes the bold stance that the only measure of humor is how much it makes you laugh. The trickiest jokes to categorize the the infamous "dad joke" - the kind of jokes dads tell. They aren't funny, but they always get a reaction, sometimes even laughs. D7K 4639

D7K 4661

Your Daily Goat comes early today.

IMG 3899

First things first, we need to pick teams. Tradition dictates that we name the teams the Piki and the Nooi.

IMG 3908

Team Piki : Grace, Hannah, Rachael, Reid, Mac, Mike

Team Nooi : Naomi, Althea, Miranda, Nicki, Bay, Eric, Kieren

Nooi breaks into sub-teams in an attempt to get some parallel problem solving going.

IMG 3911

The morning is a flurry of thinking and doing. While some get right to cutting and drilling and prettying, others reach for pens, paper and others to brainstorm with.

IMG 3941

IMG 3940

One of our favorite tools is the chop saw (officially a miter saw). Seen here being used heavily just moments before we lost it to a strange misalignment of an otherwise useless piece.

IMG 3973

IMG 3977

Eventually Junior Collaborator Serena gets the ball rolling with Team Piki, reminding us that we could learn more from making full scale drafts than we might from a series of tiny prototypes. Immediately the benefits of thinking and feeling spatially are realized as the design of the cars strays from a perfect box to more interesting shapes that better fit our needs.

IMG 3999

A portrait of an inside joke between friends, i.e. I have no idea what's going on here.

IMG 4010

IMG 4012

Mac contemplates what will become his obsession for the day; linkages. How our cars connect to become a true train will be one of the key factors in the success or failure of this project.

IMG 4016

Team Nooi puts nearly all their brains on a particularly tricky problem.

D7K 4671

Portrait of a bear hug.

IMG 4019

The barn is a hotbed of commotion all morning. The tinkerers take up the camera, teams are starting to discover important hurdles and design flaws.

IMG 4020

Hannah and Reid (and Mike, not shown) are tackling a particularly finicky problem of making a steering train engine that uses a complex series of hinges to emulate a rack and pinion style of steering similar to a car.

D7K 4680

Camera shoot off! Click! Click!

IMG 4031

D7K 4689

Your not quite Daily Sheep

IMG 4034

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Reid takes a moment to consider the problems ahead.

D7K 4725

One of Nooi's train cars begins to takes form. Note the caster used as a pivoting joint.

IMG 4041

As mentioned earlier, the chop saw broke this morning. A minor piece had fallen out of alignment. It took a while to figure out what was wrong, why it was wrong, how important and deadly such an mechanical issue might be, and how to fix it. Luckily it was simple, because of years of use, not important nor deadly, and easy but time consuming to fix. The silver lining of the event was a chance to brush up on our handsaw use.

D7K 4757

Rhody takes on an a simple sub-project as part of a larger more ambitious project being pursued by the Junior Collaborators. Sub-project; make a shoe rack and paint it purple. Larger project; convince both campers and staff to take shoes off in the bunk-rooms. Godspeed.

IMG 4072

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Hannah brandishes a drill.

IMG 4057

Grace and Mac take a second to test out the frame for one of Piki's following cars. Will it hold Mac's weight?

IMG 4109

We head in for lunch - sandwiches and quesadillas, made on our new grill. IMG 4127

Visiting the animals is part of Tinkering School at Elkus ranch. Miranda, Grace, and Rachel take a goat break.

IMG 4195

All the animals are cute, but some are overwhelmingly so.

IMG 4218

IMG 4219

And what could be so cute? Are you ready? You're not. Check it out.

IMG 4220

Eric follows in the footsteps of hundreds of tinkerers in pursuit of a perfect pointy stick; Tinkering School's most popular project.

IMG 4255

The intrepid team of Sol and Serena hunt down the problem on the chop saw. It was a small metal plate that protects the rear motor. It has slipped out of place.

D7K 4811

Sawing through solid steel with a hand tool is one of the many great joys of any tinkering school project involving wheels.

D7K 4838

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Miranda makes faces for the camera.

D7K 4866

It's often hard to describe and capture how many projects are going on simultaneously in the barn. Here we have Piki in the foreground, Rhody learning some new knots, Nooi in the mid ground, a team on the chop saw in the background, and obfuscated from view a team on the drill press.

IMG 4353

D7K 4883

Sol is working on a one person caboose/chariot for the end of Piki's train.

D7K 4909

The afternoon is filled with progress, stumbles, resets and lessons being learned.

D7K 4921

Team Nooi's cars are coming into shape. They are pursuing a semi-standardized approach to all the cars that aren't in the front.

IMG 4410

Mike puts a huge amount of energy into making sure the Piki's steering is precise.

D7K 4927

The hard focus of the morning pays off and just 2/3rds through the first day team Nooi is testing one of their cars.

IMG 4443

Immediately, repairs are needed.

IMG 4471

Day 1 wraps up with some pasta, meatballs and some salad and a conversation about the definition of a cookie. Seriously, try it. Write a definition for cookies that doesn't leave out any type of cookie and doesn't include any non-cookie treats. It's nearly impossible. Voices raised, passions flared and nothing was settled.

IMG 4537

Luckily, Junior Collaborator Rhody placated the nearly riotous group with a batch of chocolate chip cookies, home made and fresh from the oven. The definition of a cookie is apparently secondary to the joys of actually eating one.

IMG 4540

As if cookies weren't enough, we slipped in a little knife throwing, BMX biking and some Card Wars (not pictured).

IMG 4712

IMG 4709

IMG 4641

Output lY7NQ4

Today, tinkerers flew. Not just the literal air off the bike jump, but figuratively too. All of us dove in, used the tools and our disposal, and built, learned, and tried new things. The project has now truly begun.

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