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2014 Session B - Seniors

Session B : Seniors - Epilog

2014 Session B - SeniorsJoshua RothhaasComment


Unsure how to even describe the problem (An Australian cattle car? a downhill trackless train?) we dove right into one of the most complicated and finicky projects we have ever worked on. This week saw Tinkering School's first simulation of rack and pinion steering. We also invented a lever based form of steering we don't know the name of. Our wheels turned like car wheels instead of wagon wheels. Behind each of these steering cars a series of complicated linkages allowed dependent cars to track behind smoothly and predictably.

However, all of these feats of cleverness and ingenuity play second fiddle to, and merely act as evidence of, the real goals of Tinkering School; Teamwork, persistence, independence, risk taking, trial and error and exposure to the unknowns of genuine problem solving (to name a few). This week kids faced major setbacks and frustrations and faced them with courage and persistence. They made space for new friends, included even the most ardent loners, and were kind and forgiving to the silliest mistakes and gaffs. They built a thing they were proud of, and loved the people they were building with.

Read the story in order.

Day 1 - Intros, Tools, The Project

Day 2 - It begins

Day 3 - A Train Takes Shape

Day 4 - Restful Exhaustion

Day 5 - Tinkering

Day 6 - Cohesion

Day 6 & 7 - Improvements, Hubris, Destruction and Deconstruction

P.S. - A Map of the Action

Day 6 & 7 - Improvements, Hubris, Destruction and Deconstruction

2014 Session B - SeniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

The day starts sluggishly. With two great successful runs behind us, today is a day of improvements, decorations and maybe even a Collaborator run. Most of the kids have a feeling of accomplishment and many can't wait to ride their cars again. Some repairs and tweaking is in order. It's worth taking a moment to look closely at the individual solutions engineered into each train. Team Piki went with a steering wheel. One of the trickiest parts of a steering wheel is binding to round stock. It tricky, hard to get something strong enough and hard to attach to things that are hard and round. Piki skipped by all of this by using a square 2x3 and simply rounding it right where they needed it. This then let them hook up to a caster at the base.

D7K 5946

In the middle of it they rounded out one section and created a a cradle out of plywood. This allows for simple smooth turning. Attached to the wood are screws around which string is tied. The string runs through a pulley and across the cart to an eyebolt that it tugs on when it turns.

IMG 7215

The whole thing ends with another piece of ply rounded to mimic a real steering wheel. The whole thing is startlingly responsive and stable.

D7K 5987

Nooi went with a different approach. A large lever feels like steering a classic red wagon. A complex series of attachments make everything more intuitive (slamming the lever to the left actually turns you left). A series of hinges simulate car steering gives the whole thing excellent and predictable handling.

[vimeo 101343364 w=500 h=281]

Nooi Steering 1 from Tinkering School on Vimeo.

[vimeo 101343365 w=500 h=281]

Nooi Steering 2 from Tinkering School on Vimeo.

Here is a close up of the joint hidden underneath the car.

IMG 7159

Once we are fueled up and ready to go, things shift from sluggish to playful. Nova tries her hand at steering the Piki's engine car.

D7K 5964

Team Nooi gets some better break pads on. Yesterday their breaks where sufficient, but today is wet and foggy and we are all worried about slipping.

IMG 7180

Portrait of Two Tinkerers: Bay and Althea.

D7K 6000

Nooi's new breaks are creating lots of headaches. No one is arguing they aren't worth it, but we are all getting frustrated.

IMG 7270

Your not quite Daily Sheep.

D7K 6010

In the middle of the night stray tinkerers and sleepless collaborators installed a swing. It was the source of quite a bit of fun this morning.

D7K 6031

D7K 6056

IMG 7347

Team Nooi hits a wall with their break reinstallation. The previously mentioned sleepless tinkerers and staff had hidden the marshmallows we need tonight for the bon fire and had created a scavenger hunt to find them. Team Nooi uses the scavenger hunt to let their brains wander and their hands rest.

IMG 7387

With a sweet new chair on the caboose Piki is ready for another successful run.

D7K 6145

D7K 6149

IMG 7476

And successful it is. Three successful runs behind them and the confidence builds. Each run is faster than the previous but each one in total control. They are brimming with confidence teetering on hubris. Though none of us know it yet, the ramifications of this will be painful and destructive.

With a custom tow-hitch made by some of the collaborators, we drag the Piki Team back up the hill.

IMG 7512

A slight over acceleration rips one of their bolts out sending one cart to the shop and leaving a smaller train to be dragged to the starting line.

D7K 6223

Nooi gears up with hopes for an equally successful run.

D7K 6264

Eric gets ready to bravely attempt to record the event with his camera while also handling the breaks for the rear car.

D7K 6276

Another fully functional run with only minor rear wheel damage! A slow ride up tied to the car is the reward for a solid run.

D7K 6300

After the carts are repaired it's the moment the staff has been waiting for; The Collaborator Run. Can these carts handle the weight and intensity of the staff?


D7K 6375

D7K 6385

Except not quite.

One of the wheels sheers of on the very final turn and we have to stack one cart on another and tow it back up. The entire camps seems to come along for the ride.

D7K 6430

Minor repairs quickly become major rebuilds and downtime shifts into decorating time.

D7K 6525

D7K 6537

D7K 6561

Portrait of a Hood Ornament: Dr. Sebastian keeps an ever vigilant eye on the road ahead.

D7K 6573

It dawns on the tinkerers that the carts aren't the only thing that might benefit from a fresh coat of paint.

D7K 6584

D7K 6595

At long last the Nooi cart is ready for a collaborator run. Josh is pretty excited.

D7K 6696

Team Nooi's car preforms admirably and only requires minor repairs after the staff takes it for a wild and fishtailing ride.

IMG 7672

With several fantastic runs behind both teams, Piki gears up for their last run of the day. Everything is going as planned. Collectively they are brimming with excitement and decide this is the run to ease up on the breaks and really see what this thing is capable of. It's the most natural urge in the world and nearly inescapable for teenagers. If nothing went wrong last time, let's try a little harder and a little faster. It's this urge that drives progress, that feeds bravery, fuels learning and feeds engagement.

At Tinkering School we talk a lot about dangerous done well. How to ramp slowly up to something dangerous, figure out its perimeters and risks and how to mitigate against those risks. Iterative escalation is how we find the faults in our systems. It is this same process that leads to something going wrong. When done right, what goes wrong is very minor. Luckily what went wrong was pretty minor.

Some were between these two photos team Piki crashed.

D7K 6745

IMG 7712

It was a hard sight to see as the cart began to fishtail and swerve as the momentum of nearly 900 lb. of kids and cart traveling at nearly 17 mph overwhelmed their brakes. Miranda and Reid where shaken from the second to last car. They came out of it with minor scrapes, a little road rash, and that special kind of exhaustion that comes from spiked adrenaline.

The cart suffered a far worse fate.

D7K 6773

Moments like these really bring out the best in the campers. Sol was driving at the time and the weight of the crash felt heavy on his shoulders. But team member after team member consoled him reminding him that it was a collective decision to go so fast. They let him know that anyone could have been driving and that no one faulted him. Hanna was particularly affected by the intensity of the incident and her friends gathered around her. Other campers tended to the basic needs of Miranda and Reid (getting them snacks and water) while Josh and Nova applied ruthless amounts of sanitizing alcohol to the wounds before bandaging them. Both riders would eventually, bravely, get right back on the cart.

We all agreed that given the setting sun, and in deference to the intensity of the incident, team Nooi's next run would be postponed until tomorrow.

We deconstructed the busted cart, placed the pieces in the fire pit and held a special vigil; saying goodbye to a friend that had treated us well. With over exaggerated symbolism Josh had Miranda and Reid light the first matches.

IMG 7860

And thus began camp fire night. In his own form of iterative escalation Josh attempted the biggest fire Tinkering school has yet seen. In the spirit of caution, it was only a little bit bigger and right next to the fire pit was a wheelbarrow and a 5 gallon bucket full of water.

IMG 7880

And then we got to enjoy one of Tinkering School most tried and true traditions. Playing with fire. Over the week we created a lot of sawdust. With just the right flick of the wrist at just the right angle one can get the sawdust to spread out to just the right density to ignite like flash paper.

D7K 6991

Everyone takes a go and with a little of the excited energy dissipated we gather in a circle to say nice things about each other. The prompt is, "Tell us about a moment where you saw someone else being excellent." It's an exercise in empathy and outward thinking and specific praise. What followed was a nearly half an hour of campers telling fantastic stories about other campers doing things both big and small to help others, work hard, follow through, support each other, and making each other laugh.

D7K 7089

From there we began making S'mores.

D7K 7190

Playing dramatic games where kids would write something funny or serious on a piece of wood, a staff member (or Mike who had a great dramatic radio voice) would read it allowed in some accent, then toss the wood into the fire.

D7K 7450

Eventually the calming energy of a warm fire works its magic on the crowd and we grow quieter and fall into small groups.

D7K 7514

D7K 7640

Day 7 is a half day. Its a day about saying goodbye and showing off to parents. Proud mamas and papas are found everywhere.

IMG 7978

Proud staff members are also easy to find.

IMG 7979

We run demos to show off.

D7K 8224

We take a cheesy group photo (check the flickr for a higher resolution copy if you want one)

IMG 7996

We repeat a common refrain, "Tinkering School is not about having a downhill train, it's about having built a downhill train." And with that we say goodbye to our creation and deconstruct it.

D7K 8277

See you next week!

Day 6 - Cohesion

2014 Session B - SeniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

Today, we had fun - riding our trains over and over again, fixing them after each run after they split on the track - enjoying our creations. Sometimes, those creations bite, but more on that later. Friday evenings are bonfire night - we built and burned the tallest, hottest bonfire Tinkering School has ever had, enjoyed each other's company, and enjoyed the bond we'd forged these past few days. Fridays always have the bittersweet feeling of the joy of the evening, coupled with sadness at having to leave so soon - it barely feels like it's been a week.

Because of how late our evening has been, we leave you with this place-holding photo. The full blog post will be up by tomorrow evening.

IMG 7840

Day 5 - Tinkering

2014 Session B - SeniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

A wise man by the name of Gever Tulley once said: "Tinkering is what happens between having a finished project and a project that works." Last night, we figured we'd have both trains working by noon. But it was a slow morning, with a late breakfast, games of "Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe," and early morning visits to the goats.

But once we arrive, we set to work - Althea, Nova and Josh discuss the problems the Nooi need to work through.

IMG 6079

Both teams have a few carts they can strap together at this point, but neither has tested their full train.

Piki gets a chance to test their engine car and one of the following carts together.

IMG 6097

A crowd gathers to watch the test runs - there's nothing quite like seeing a downhill train you've built ride past you.

IMG 6124

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Grace foresees future rides.

IMG 6162

Portrait of a Collaborator: Michael considers.

IMG 6173

Sometime during the morning, Gever's wisdom at the beginning of the session is cast aside. At his suggestion, we'd originally planned for the trains to travel from the top barn down a short stretch of gravel to where the chicken coops are, so that, should it fail, we'd land in hay.

Now, we disregard that to attempt the asphalt stretch from the house all the way to the end of the Elkus property. This route is surrounded by poison oak, quite the incentive to stay on.

Mike and Reid test the cart's ability to steer around the tighter corner on the new corner.

IMG 6195

The Piki engine team has taken pride in doodling on their cart in sharpie. Anything that comes to mind is fair game - random phrases, descriptions, bad drawings... decoration makes everything more fun and pretty.

IMG 6218

Your Daily Goat, the star of the blaaahhhhg.

IMG 6225

Naomi takes a moment to examine a wheel box on the Nooi cart.

IMG 6268

Eric and Bay carry the cart out for their first test run of the day.

IMG 6302

Mac and Reid adding rubber to their brakes, to prevent the wheel from rubbing against wood and to increase the friction and stopping power. In the last few days, the teams have come together; learned to work with each other; tinkered with their relationships until they have groups that really work.

IMG 6335

As the morning wears on, despite it becoming increasingly clear that we won't, in fact, be done by noon, work continues at an astounding pace all around. Test, change, fix, modify. We tinker with our projects, trying to get all the parts to work.

IMG 6339

Nooi takes their cart to the top of the testing run to prep for a go. Each of their long, low riding carts has been meticulously planned, and their complex steering is driven by a lever up front, which actually lifts the front end of the cart a little as it turns.

IMG 6352

All aboard! Imagine the sound of train whistles and a conductor's call. The Nooi clamber aboard, with Bay at the front controlling the direction of travel.

IMG 6363

What's wrong? The cart starts to roll, but now quite at the speed the Nooi expect - Bay remarks on it as "really slow."

IMG 6369

Even so, the ride down is fun!

IMG 6368

We gather to problem solve. It is quickly discovered that the rubber had come off a wheel. And the team, frustrated but determined, returns the cart to the barn to fix it. And so, the tinkering begins.

IMG 6381

Meanwhile, the Piki finish up the brakes on their second cart.

IMG 6421

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Reid being adorable.

IMG 6423

Portrait of Collaborator: Daniel arms up for a camera shoot-out. He's in it to win.

IMG 6426

The bent wheel of the Nooi's cart.

IMG 6448

The team sets up to replace it. Josh takes a look.

IMG 6452

Piki adds on and tests Sol's trailer for the first time. They've built a true train, with three carts. (The fourth cart that they plan to attach is still being worked on)

IMG 6472

Each of the trains has significant design differences and chooses. Particularly when we take a look at steering, we can see this difference clearly. Take a look.

A close up of the Piki's steering system, built to simulate rack and pinion.

IMG 6519

The Nooi's system, in contrast. Josh and Naomi try a first draft of a support structure to keep the wheels from bending up and damaging the hinges, a problem both teams are facing. Despite being based on the same four hinge basics, each system is incredibly unique.

IMG 6557

Your weekly pig.

IMG 6587

Despite their setbacks, the Nooi are the first to test their entire train - they hook all three carts together, ready to enjoy the taste of success.

IMG 6590

IMG 6602

Then it's back to the barn to tinker more - another one of the Nooi wheels broke. Replacing it wouldn't solve the underlying problem, so we go in to figure out what might. Once again, the Nooi show incredible determination as they push past their disappointment. It's the tinkering- the sometimes tedious, always difficult, making-things-work phase- that's true challenge of completing a project, the difference between "cool, we have a project" and "awesome, that project works." In a way, it's the hardest part of the week.

IMG 6622

IMG 6644

The Piki get out to test their full train - all three carts and the trailer. It's all smiles.

IMG 6625

And now, for an animal interlude.

Cuddling goats.

IMG 6674

The Elkus Ranch Llama, Spice.

IMG 6680

An adorable wood animal.

IMG 6863

The wisp of a beard on an old barn house goat.

IMG 6689

That nose.

IMG 6693

And the babies.

IMG 6698

And now, we return. Goat breaks and the chance to visit the animals is what gets us through the challenging, long days at Tinkering School, giving us a chance to take a mental break.

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Althea has been cat-ified. It is a contagious disease running rampant in our barn, spread by palate and paintbrush wielding vectors - Rachel, Althea and Miranda. Soon, almost everyone has whiskers.

IMG 6721

Serena's caught the disease too. "Meow!"

IMG 6779

Mac pulls the cart along behind the linkage he helped make. Playing with the things you've built is fun.

IMG 6751

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Bay has built a time-machine.

IMG 6768

And the Piki are off again- the updated cart has new seating up front. Sol surfs behind, standing upright on the the trailer/caboose.

IMG 6789

The excitement temporarily gives Reid and Mac the ability to levitate. This is different than, but often mistaken for, jumping for joy.

IMG 6806

And they're off! Journeying down the track, this is finally it. Not another test run, but the journey all the way down to the bottom. Piki takes the first run.

IMG 6826

IMG 6827

And celebrate at the bottom when they make it down, successfully.

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Eric ponders.

IMG 6873

The Nooi load up for a test.

IMG 6920

And when that's successful, they take it up to the start point (the house) to get ready for launch.

IMG 6958

And they're off!

IMG 7003

IMG 7007

Both runs were videotaped:

Sol, on the is equipped with a video camera, and takes footage of the Piki's journey down. In the intensity of a run, filled with speed, excitement and even tinges of fear, kids reach for the words that can, at those moments, express that. (i.e. excited scarred teenagers swear like sailors).

[vimeo 101053508 w=500 h=281]

DSC 0031 from Tinkering School on Vimeo.

Kieran video tapes for the Nooi, including an exciting final stretch moment in which the last cart (which he and the video camera, along with Miranda and Eric were in) tipped over. They managed to right it while continuing downwards, and likewise had a successful run.

[vimeo 101053507 w=500 h=281]

DSC 0032 from Tinkering School on Vimeo.

We gather around to watch the videos, laughing an remembering.

IMG 7069

We toast to tinkering. A day of getting from having a train, to having a working downhill train. Today, all of us have been successful.

IMG 7041

Day 4 - Restful Exhaustion

2014 Session B - SeniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

Wednesday - right in the middle of the intensity of a Tinkering School week, often times just as we reach the climax of our project. And it is exactly this timing that makes Wednesday what it is - not another push, but rather a halt. Wednesday is beach day.

At breakfast, there is more play - we tell lame jokes, learn "Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe" from Daniel. Even the anticipation of beach day changes our perspective.

IMG 5349

IMG 5335

Footprints in the sand, left behind as we set off in search of a place to claim as our own. We've left the confinement of the barn for the outdoors, traded the dining room for open stretches of sand. We have a chance to exhale.

IMG 5362

IMG 5369

Shelters of wood fill the beach - works of art people have added to over time, functional structures that protect the inhabitants from the wind, but always temporary. Like our projects at Tinkering School, which we disassemble at the end of week, impermanent.

IMG 5373

We remove ourselves from the problem we've focused on - our downhill train, and play for a minute with the remnants of last session's catamaran. We saved one of the four hulls for just this scenario, fit it into the back of a truck, and worked out how to carry it the quarter-mile down the beach. Sometimes, the best way to solve a tricky problem is to stop thinking about it, and play with and explore other problems. Beach day gives us this opportunity.

IMG 5379

IMG 5382

The beauty of playing in the ocean is, as Josh puts it: "If you capsize, it's like going for a swim." Beach day represents the lack of rules, as close to complete freedom as we have the ability to be.

IMG 5416

IMG 5418

IMG 5395

Beach day captures what Tinkering School is about. An open sky, a budding adventure in the background, and sheer love for the art of tinkering, and what comes with it.

IMG 5447

When the sky's the limit, anything is possible. Riding flat on your back on a wooden boat out into the ocean; taking up a surfboard and catching waves; beach day is about being fearless, about pushing the boundaries of possible, about reminding ourselves that we can achieve our goals, that we're here, at tinkering school, doing the impossible.

IMG 5462

IMG 5510

IMG 5521

How do we reach the sky? One foothold at a time, climbing slowly to the top.

IMG 5538

Beach day is about renewal - about rising from the ashes, coming up fresh for the last half of the session. Music, in particular adds to the atmosphere.

IMG 5544

Beach day gives us a chance to grow closer, to strengthen the bond we've formed with our fellow tinkerers. When we don't have tasks in front of us, free from the division of teams. Beach day unites us, reminds us that at heart, we're all tinkerers.

IMG 5563

We get a chance to sleep, too.

IMG 5581

Laughter - a form of renewal.

IMG 5587

IMG 5590

We take a moment to learn from our first trip - to discuss, as happens so naturally at Tinkering School, what we can improve on - it's this attitude that will carry us forward through the next few days.

IMG 5602

Improvements come in the form of logs underneath the hull for easier transport. Ballast is added. And not willing to be defeated, the tinkerers push the boat into the water. At the beach, we are invincible.

IMG 5622

Confidence is high, energy is back. Beaches boost our morale.

IMG 5629

IMG 5641

Tinkerers are risk-takers. We're not afraid to pick up power tools, to wield knifes, to take on the world with our creations. So what's a little water, a few waves? Somehow, our approach to the beach, in the context of being a tinkerer, is different.

IMG 5669

Resetting is important. We come in Sunday morning, fresh. By Tuesday evening, we're exhausted. Wednesday offers that chance - not by stopping, not by doing nothing, but instead by letting ourselves out to different challenges, to directing our energy in a different way, so that when Thursday comes, we can reel ourselves in.

IMG 5714

IMG 5751

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Rachel gazing off into the distance.

IMG 5804

Even for collaborators, beach day provides a much needed change, a chance to get in touch with our inner enthusiasm, a chance to think on all that's occured.

IMG 5944

IMG 5946

Tinkerers are different away from the ranch - we catch rare moments we wouldn't necessarily experience otherwise. We see each other in new lights.

IMG 5976

IMG 5979

IMG 6021

We return home with new perspectives, ready to start anew. Ready to face anything.

IMG 5834

IMG 5924

Beach day is an exercise in contradiction. We stop in order to make more progress. We embrace freedom to achieve more focused control. We take a break in order to challenge ourselves. But, it works. And tomorrow, we will return to the barn; ready to work, renewed, refreshed, and reset. Today was exhausting - but that exhaustion lets us keep going.

Day 3 - A Train takes Shape

2014 Session B - SeniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

Most blogs start with the morning, and fail to catch a glimpse of the mysterious and mostly undocumented portion between the publishing of the blog and the bedtime rituals, especially when the blog gets published early. And so, an exclusive glimpse into the dining room at tinkering school after lights out yesterday evening:

Excited after our first full day of building, a group of die-hard tinkers, running on the energy tinkering school (and cups of hot chocolate) infused in them, stay up into the night. We talk, and draw to keep our hands busy - on goldfish boxes, paper, and in Althea's case, our pants.

IMG 4752

IMG 4755

IMG 4761

The morning begins more slowly today - the tinkerers trickle into breakfast just a hair off the normal pace. We start off the day with knot-tying lessons from Josh in the barn - which offers a nice break from thinking about our project, and a chance to gather as a large group.

IMG 4770

Josh shows Grace the bowline.

IMG 4784

Junior Collaborator Serena cuts lengths of rope with a hot knife - to ensure each tinkerer is well-equipped to learn the essentials. And to get a chance to play with the propane torch.

IMG 4816

Mike takes a minute to help Miranda out.

IMG 4841

And then it's off to work! Team Nooi pick up where they left off with the following cart - Eric, Bay and Kieran attach the bearing.

IMG 4862

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Naomi, fascinated by this morning's lesson, grabs the knot book and continues to work out how to tie new knots.

IMG 4865

Your (perhaps?) Daily Sheep.

IMG 4885\

The proper way to inscribe your name on a project you've poured your time into, Mike tells me.

IMG 4886

Mac takes a moment to examine a wheel.

IMG 4891

How many tinkerers do you need to use a drill press? Bay, Eric and Kieran all get in on the action.

IMG 4899

As the morning glow floods into the barn, Team Piki heads outside to test one of their following carts for the first time.

D7K 4974

Superman! Sol gets a ride up the hill.

D7K 4994

We stop to tinker with the cart - Mac checks the connection he's been responsible for making.

D7K 5006

After testing, it's back to the barn to work - shoring up the back beam, attaching more braces for the wheels, and adding wheels to the second following cart.

Meanwhile, in the barn, Reid works on Piki's engine car - even though the hinge system for complex steering is in place, their are still steering details to be worked out.

D7K 5023

Nooi, not wanting to miss out on the action, take their cart out too. Yes, it will hold two people!

IMG 4928

Lucy, one of the ranch dogs, comes out to watch.

D7K 5029

This earns her the adoration of the tinkerers. Petting ensues.

D7K 5030

Rachel has rapidly become a pro with the drill press. As in all of the tinkering school projects involving wheels, the ability to produce wheel boxes must be rapidly acquired.

D7K 5043

The barn floor is strewn with busy tinkerers, working away.

D7K 5062

Even though the chop saw has worked all day today, Mike takes the extra second to use the handsaw - just because.

D7K 5064

Miranda and Althea talk over Nooi's steering plans with Josh.

D7K 5092

The Piki's engine car is destined for large wagon wheels in the back. Junior Collaborator Serena and Reid take a moment to figure out where, exactly, they should be placed.

D7K 5089

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Kieran concentrates as he screws in an eyebolt.

D7K 5102

Portrait of a Junior Collaborator: Rhody at work.

D7K 5108

Sol takes a moment to appreciate the precision steering while the Piki engine car is held upright.

D7K 5112

Josh and Mike (who's visiting) share a laugh.

D7K 5153

A Nooi cart - upright and majestic.

D7K 5158

Teamwork! Bay and Eric take a look at where they're planning to screw into.

IMG 4973

Althea gets in there to attach the screw at an angle.

IMG 5015

The Piki engine cart is coming together quickly enough for the confident engine team (Reid, Hannah and Mike) to pause and share a joke with the rest of the Piki.

IMG 5055

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Mac, ever busy.

IMG 5061

Piki's steering team pulls Josh in to discuss their ambitious goals - simulate rack and pinion steering with paracord, a caster bearing, and some 2x3.

D7K 5199

The weather outside is wonderful, and because of the immense amount of action inside the barn, we haven't had the chance to enjoy it. So we set up lunch outside, and tell the scenario type riddles that start with a vague statement: "A man is dead in the middle of a desert surrounded by bicycles" and where those trying to answer the riddle must first ask yes/no questions to learn more information. Laughter fills the air.

IMG 5111

IMG 5136

Portrait of a Collaborator: Nova as she cleans up lunch.

IMG 5145

After a visit to the goats, we head back to the barn, . Rachel and Grace (not shown) grab the paint and set to work painting the Piki caboose/trailer.

D7K 5238

In the back of the barn, the Nooi get right back to work.

D7K 5240

Your Daily Goat(s).

D7K 5264

D7K 5275

Piki hasn't spent a lot of time working out the detail of how the carts connect. So we stop, think, and then tinker - try things out to see what works.

Sol builds a hitch for the back of one of the carts.

D7K 5288

Mac and Serena try to work out the ideal distance between each cart - not too close, not too far.

IMG 5177

Josh acts as ballast while Kieran cuts threaded rod for axles.

IMG 5182

Nooi takes their steering cart out- a left/right lever controls the wheels. Everyone gathers to watch it work.

IMG 5194

And work it does!

D7K 5293

And then Piki just has to try. With a complex series of eyebolts and pulleys, they've managed to successfully mimic rack and pinion steering. Reid takes a ride.

D7K 5301

Success is celebrated with high-fives and a goat break.

D7K 5311

But then it's back to work, to fix and shore up steering and to work on the braking system. Mac has immense amounts of focus.

IMG 5201

Reid and Mike make changes.

IMG 5202

IMG 5206

Splatter paint! Grace and Rachel's work waits to dry.

IMG 5203

All into the afternoon, work continues. A tinkerers day is bustle.

IMG 5213

Portrait of a Collaborator: Daniel explains.

IMG 5221

Nooi hooks two carts together. It's starting to look like a train!

IMG 5224

Piki plays with their engine car.

D7K 5344

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Rachel, our budding photographer.

D7K 5415

Camera shootout! Kieran's at the other end. Eric plays peek-a-boo.

IMG 5268

Portrait of a Tinkerer's Room: The Girls.

IMG 5279

After dinner, we spread out to enjoy the evening.

Up at the house, we play "contact" (a word game) and cards.

IMG 5283

Down in the garden, the tire swings are a hit. Miranda grins with the sheer joy that comes from riding through the air on top of a tire.

IMG 5295

Today, our train has taken shape. Carts have come together; attachment points are working; steering is up and running. Even with a bit more work on brakes, and with expectations of troubleshooting to come, we are proud of our efforts.

Day 2 - It begins

2014 Session B - SeniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

The Tinkering School day begins at a rough hour for the teenagers - up at 7:00, breakfast at 7:40. The usual set of bagels, cereal and the like are available. With some food in our bellies and a few swigs of orange juice behind us everyone is perking right up and a rousing debate about the nature of humor and its qualities ensues. Josh defends that sarcasm is the lowest form of humor, while Naomi takes the bold stance that the only measure of humor is how much it makes you laugh. The trickiest jokes to categorize the the infamous "dad joke" - the kind of jokes dads tell. They aren't funny, but they always get a reaction, sometimes even laughs. D7K 4639

D7K 4661

Your Daily Goat comes early today.

IMG 3899

First things first, we need to pick teams. Tradition dictates that we name the teams the Piki and the Nooi.

IMG 3908

Team Piki : Grace, Hannah, Rachael, Reid, Mac, Mike

Team Nooi : Naomi, Althea, Miranda, Nicki, Bay, Eric, Kieren

Nooi breaks into sub-teams in an attempt to get some parallel problem solving going.

IMG 3911

The morning is a flurry of thinking and doing. While some get right to cutting and drilling and prettying, others reach for pens, paper and others to brainstorm with.

IMG 3941

IMG 3940

One of our favorite tools is the chop saw (officially a miter saw). Seen here being used heavily just moments before we lost it to a strange misalignment of an otherwise useless piece.

IMG 3973

IMG 3977

Eventually Junior Collaborator Serena gets the ball rolling with Team Piki, reminding us that we could learn more from making full scale drafts than we might from a series of tiny prototypes. Immediately the benefits of thinking and feeling spatially are realized as the design of the cars strays from a perfect box to more interesting shapes that better fit our needs.

IMG 3999

A portrait of an inside joke between friends, i.e. I have no idea what's going on here.

IMG 4010

IMG 4012

Mac contemplates what will become his obsession for the day; linkages. How our cars connect to become a true train will be one of the key factors in the success or failure of this project.

IMG 4016

Team Nooi puts nearly all their brains on a particularly tricky problem.

D7K 4671

Portrait of a bear hug.

IMG 4019

The barn is a hotbed of commotion all morning. The tinkerers take up the camera, teams are starting to discover important hurdles and design flaws.

IMG 4020

Hannah and Reid (and Mike, not shown) are tackling a particularly finicky problem of making a steering train engine that uses a complex series of hinges to emulate a rack and pinion style of steering similar to a car.

D7K 4680

Camera shoot off! Click! Click!

IMG 4031

D7K 4689

Your not quite Daily Sheep

IMG 4034

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Reid takes a moment to consider the problems ahead.

D7K 4725

One of Nooi's train cars begins to takes form. Note the caster used as a pivoting joint.

IMG 4041

As mentioned earlier, the chop saw broke this morning. A minor piece had fallen out of alignment. It took a while to figure out what was wrong, why it was wrong, how important and deadly such an mechanical issue might be, and how to fix it. Luckily it was simple, because of years of use, not important nor deadly, and easy but time consuming to fix. The silver lining of the event was a chance to brush up on our handsaw use.

D7K 4757

Rhody takes on an a simple sub-project as part of a larger more ambitious project being pursued by the Junior Collaborators. Sub-project; make a shoe rack and paint it purple. Larger project; convince both campers and staff to take shoes off in the bunk-rooms. Godspeed.

IMG 4072

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Hannah brandishes a drill.

IMG 4057

Grace and Mac take a second to test out the frame for one of Piki's following cars. Will it hold Mac's weight?

IMG 4109

We head in for lunch - sandwiches and quesadillas, made on our new grill. IMG 4127

Visiting the animals is part of Tinkering School at Elkus ranch. Miranda, Grace, and Rachel take a goat break.

IMG 4195

All the animals are cute, but some are overwhelmingly so.

IMG 4218

IMG 4219

And what could be so cute? Are you ready? You're not. Check it out.

IMG 4220

Eric follows in the footsteps of hundreds of tinkerers in pursuit of a perfect pointy stick; Tinkering School's most popular project.

IMG 4255

The intrepid team of Sol and Serena hunt down the problem on the chop saw. It was a small metal plate that protects the rear motor. It has slipped out of place.

D7K 4811

Sawing through solid steel with a hand tool is one of the many great joys of any tinkering school project involving wheels.

D7K 4838

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Miranda makes faces for the camera.

D7K 4866

It's often hard to describe and capture how many projects are going on simultaneously in the barn. Here we have Piki in the foreground, Rhody learning some new knots, Nooi in the mid ground, a team on the chop saw in the background, and obfuscated from view a team on the drill press.

IMG 4353

D7K 4883

Sol is working on a one person caboose/chariot for the end of Piki's train.

D7K 4909

The afternoon is filled with progress, stumbles, resets and lessons being learned.

D7K 4921

Team Nooi's cars are coming into shape. They are pursuing a semi-standardized approach to all the cars that aren't in the front.

IMG 4410

Mike puts a huge amount of energy into making sure the Piki's steering is precise.

D7K 4927

The hard focus of the morning pays off and just 2/3rds through the first day team Nooi is testing one of their cars.

IMG 4443

Immediately, repairs are needed.

IMG 4471

Day 1 wraps up with some pasta, meatballs and some salad and a conversation about the definition of a cookie. Seriously, try it. Write a definition for cookies that doesn't leave out any type of cookie and doesn't include any non-cookie treats. It's nearly impossible. Voices raised, passions flared and nothing was settled.

IMG 4537

Luckily, Junior Collaborator Rhody placated the nearly riotous group with a batch of chocolate chip cookies, home made and fresh from the oven. The definition of a cookie is apparently secondary to the joys of actually eating one.

IMG 4540

As if cookies weren't enough, we slipped in a little knife throwing, BMX biking and some Card Wars (not pictured).

IMG 4712

IMG 4709

IMG 4641

Output lY7NQ4

Today, tinkerers flew. Not just the literal air off the bike jump, but figuratively too. All of us dove in, used the tools and our disposal, and built, learned, and tried new things. The project has now truly begun.

Day 1 - Intros, Tools, The Project

2014 Session B - SeniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

Tinkerers beginning to arrive are greeted by this friendly sign in the barn - they've come from near (all over the bay area) and far - (our furthest this week is Mike from Mexico). Drop off is an exciting time- parents milling about, tinkerers exploring their new homes for the week, and building anticipation for the coming week.

IMG 3523

As the parents leave, we gather in a giant circle - and take a second to get to know each other. We introduce ourselves, and share our "spirit tool" with the group - the tool we most associate with.

IMG 3538

Two of our collaborators: Daniel and Nova are excited for the week to come.

IMG 3564

After introductions, we take time to make Tinkering School T-Shirts, using spray on paint that sets in the sunlight.

And then, we head for the barn - eager to get started. As Tinkering School tradition dictates, each tinkerer is bestowed with a knife. So we gather in a group, and go over the rules of knife safety: cut away from yourself, be aware of your blood bubble, make sure you have three points of contact with solid objects, use a sharp blade, and lock your blade when you're using it.

IMG 3581

And then we play with the big blades - after a discussion of chopsaw safety and rules, everyone takes a spin (pun intended). Rachel slices off a chunk of 2x3.

IMG 3691

Reid listens intently to Josh's presentation on the right way to attach 2x3's to each other.

IMG 3763

Mac screws boards together to help illustrate Josh's point.

IMG 3771

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Bay considers.

IMG 3809

After a break for dinner, we head back up to the barn to hear what this week's project is. We gather into groups to discuss each component.

IMG 3839

This week, we will split into two large teams, and build two trackless, downhill trains. Each train must consist of three cars (including the steering car), carry all eight tinkerers on the team, have sophisticated steering, be able to stop as it rolls down the hill.

Although we haven't broken up into the final teams of eight yet, we split into brainstorming groups to think through some of the potential problems: linkages, brakes, steering, and cart design.

The steering team talks through an idea.

IMG 3835

The linkage team ponders.

IMG 3845

The cart design team gathers.

IMG 3850

And, the brakes team draws.

IMG 3849

The barn gets busy as teams work out prototypes for some of our first ideas. Grace and Naomi cut wood for a brake prototype. Hannah (missing from the picture) helps them out by going to grab more scrap.

D7K 4610

Night falls, and we head back - our band of tinkerers has begun to come together. They banter as we return, take up cards and play spoons, drink hot chocolate, and head to bed, looking forward to tomorrow, when the fun begins in earnest. We've had a chance to dabble in tinkering tonight - tomorrow, we dive in.

D7K 4627

Thanks to my blog companions tonight: Grace, Hannah, Rachel, Reid, and Josh.

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