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Session E: Day 1 - Games, Training, Riddles

2015 Session E - SeniorsJosh RothhaasComment

Alumni and New Tinkerers gather at our new campus for the fist day of camp. There is a nervous energy as old friendships pick up where they left off and new ones start forming immediately. Also a palpable “ok mom and dad, you can go now” energy that is distinctly teenager-y in its vibe really reminds the staff how just how much older this session is than previous weeks. 

We start the camp with a simple, sincere and long chat about rules, expectations and how camp works. From there we play some goofy games to get us all playing, open to new ideas, and learning names. 

Afterwards do tool training, learning how to stay safe with the chops saw, good form with the drills, and empowering techniques with the clamps. We wrap up training, get some food in our stomachs and head back outside to see something special.

Day 1 ends with a rare treat for the coast; a beautiful and vibrant sunset. Often the coast is covered in fog and evenings close as most days open; in a gray haze. Once the sun sets, some head to the yurts to hang out and relax, others head to the MU to snack, play games, solve riddles and watch one of Josh’s favorite magic tricks. 

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