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Session B: Day 4 - Beach Reset

2016 Session B - MiddlesCaroline Martin5 Comments

Wednesdays are traditionally beach day, and this week is no different. We've been chugging along and by this time of the week, we all need a little change of pace. A beach adventure is just what will help us over the hump. 

We rally in the morning. Michaela and Jenna discuss lanyard tying methods while Anthony does some whittling.

Whittling has become quite a popular past time for the moments between activities. Madelyn makes her blood bubble known while we wait for everyone to gather.

Once everyone arrives, the collaborators go over some full-body signals we can use on the beach to communicate across long distances. 

Then we're off! We head south, hoping for some reprieve from the rain and fog, and land at a beach scattered with driftwood cabins and interesting tidal streams. It looks like a perfect playground for the afternoon.

To get to the driftwood structures, we have to cross a small river. It's fun to get our feet stuck in the sand. 

Anthony goes down to watch the waves crash onto the chilly beach.

While Patrick starts feeding himself to a sand monster.

The driftwood is fascinating for the tinkerers; the texture is exciting to capture.

beee - 23.jpg

Their photography chops are really coming along, by the way. (Later, while reviewing photos, we discuss why we find this photo so pleasing. There are so many good things going on with it!)

Juan is really killin it with his devotion to the red, white, and blue this week.

Bor checks out one of the driftwood houses. 

Some of the campers found ones they liked and stowed away in them to read for the entire time, and reported feeling extremely relaxed and refreshed. Kira is one such reader.


The beach is wonderful for resetting our stress levels. Anthony and Juan have a moment of meditation.

Others find solace in music. Collaborator Caroline finds her peace on the strings of her ukulele.

Nathan just wants some time to lay out on his towels and chat with friends.

Devon borrows Victor's camera for some photos of his own.

Running around is yet another way to recharge. Juan leads a game with friends, something about tiny sticks and battling seagulls?? Also, we had lunch.

Victor has been drawn to a little cove with a big wall to climb up. He alerts the others.

Someone has already scrambled up into an interesting opening in the wall. A few other adventurers hurry to join her.

They instruct each other on the best ways up. Eventually, McKenna, Morgan, Tenley, and Jenna are all up in the hole having their sandwiches.

Ever the trailblazer, Victor decides to lead the way to the top of the ridge on his own path.

Hugo spends a long portion of the day telling a spooky story to enthralled listeners.

Junior Collaborator Gilon has made a grave error. His boots are comically full of water, and we giggle as he pours them out.

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Devi is the ultimate beach modeler.

We pile back into the cars and go back to the ranch to take our Weekly Required Shower and settle back in. Soon enough, we're inspired to get back out there and build. Nathan, Bor, and Misha get back into the field to knock out a few parts of their project.

Collaborator and Steward Dee has made yet another delicious meal for us for dinner.

The tinkerers have perfected their food photography, we learn.

A long day requires a big meal with friends. We stuff ourselves silly with tacos and get some fresh-baked cookies, and go out to build into the evening. Tomorrow is another big push for the group, who have just learned that Friday night will be a talent show on their stage and a movie night projected on the theater wall. Everyone is refreshed and excited to see their project come together in the morning. Lights out happens in record time. 

Blog written by Caroline.


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