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Session B: Day 5 & 6 - TO WERK.

2016 Session B - MiddlesCaroline Martin4 Comments

Thursday and Friday combined today! After our beach day, we came back and were all excited to focus and work on our projects. Our morning conversations brought us together and after a little pep talk, we got down to business.

Team Kablooi needed to sew together some canvas for their backdrop, but we didn't have any needles. Collaborator Miles takes it upon himself to teach a mini blacksmithing class.

Ukuleles have gotten quite popular, and everyone is learning how to play some basic chords and riffs. Smoke On The Water has been twanging through camp all day.

Portrait of a Collaborator: Kevin pauses after considering what the next step for the stage is.

Snack time comes around! Bryn enjoys his orange while a little bit of sun peeks out.

The stage crew is finishing up their platform. Tenley takes a look at the plans.

thu - 13.jpg

Jenna has been really focused on making another frame for the swing seats. Here she's putting together another A-frame.

Devi, Eve, and Kira take their completed bench out to the field to test it out. It looks so fancy!

They pause to check it out at Midway, and Devi seems happy with their design.

They set to work on another iteration with new ideas about how to improve their last design.

Eve considers some other fastener ideas.

Victor tries out a familiar pose. It works for him. (Juan is heard yelling from behind the camera "hey, that's my look!")

Swing seat #1 has come together. Collaborator Caroline approves the safety of it.

Team Piki calls for all hands to lift their deck. The tinkerers work together to check the levels, attach legs, and measure for supports.

We're all building muscles this week! Hugo flexes his stuff.

Misha is on leg attachment duty. He's getting to be a driving master.

Hi Mac!

Devon has a good laugh during a break. Work hard, laugh hard.

Then it's back to gettin' it done. Devon has found the perfect balance.

Back with Kablooi, their backdrop is coming along beautifully. Madelyn adds some final details to the artistic masterpiece.

And some of us go explore the stream for a little bit of a break.

After dinner, Madelyn gets a surprise...

Happy birthday! Collaborator Rhody made her an apple pie and we all have some pie and ice cream to celebrate.

Exhausted from a full day, we retire to our yurts for a restful night of sleep. Friday still comes a little too soon, but we have much to do! We make a list to help us keep track of our various projects.

Roshambo continues to help us settle disputes. McKenna and Morgan decide who will take photographer duties first.

Juan helps work on the swing seat. It's coming along well!

The plywood starts to get on the stage, and Piki takes a break. Tenley, Jenna, and Bryn enjoy some apples in the sun.

Collaborator Kevin has been showing how math actually helps in real life applications. Math!

Anthony takes a quick break with a cucumber slice on the swing seat.

Nora takes in the nice blue sky in the sky bench.

Bor is getting the last of the plywood on the stage. Go Bor go!

duh - 23.jpg

Bryn has got his hands on what we call "Thor's baby rattle," a deadblow for getting the legs squared away.

Junior Collaborator Gilon takes a well-earned rest. He's been helping out a lot of bench teams today.

We've also put together another train for supply deliveries. A similar design, but new sick wheels.

Madelyn and Michaela have hidden themselves away to work on a long bench. They sort out the angles for the legs for optimal comfort.

Portrait of a Collaborator: Miles has been keeping his cool on this hot day.

Victor and Patrick celebrate another successful bench completion with stories on the swing.

Anthony, Juan, and Bor have become fast friends this week, and they show off the secret trap door on the stage.


The collaborators hop onto the stage and test it out, shifting and jumping to check for weak spots or wiggling. They are satisfied by the structural integrity, and so it's time to put the backdrop onto the stage.

Unfortunately, we are so preoccupied and coordinated that we forget to take photos. In a huge group effort, we lift and fit the backdrop onto the stage and tie it down. We devour our dinner and as the sun goes down, we bundle up, move all the chairs down to the stage, and settle in for one last evening together. We have decided to use our stage and backdrop to have an outdoor movie night, and have a highly-enjoyable showing of The Princess Bride. We laugh together and high five about all of our hard work; there's nothing better than getting to use all the things you make with your friends for a wonderful evening.

Tomorrow is our last day together, and we're looking forward to seeing each other put on skits and a talent show as our parents see the fruits of our labor. See you in the morning!

Blog written by Caroline, who apologizes for the lateness of this one.

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