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Session D - Day 3 - Making Progress and Petting Animals!

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It's Tuesday and we're nearly halfway through! Today was a day focused on pushing projects ahead, but also keeping self care in mind. 

All of our teams got lots of work done, both on add-ons to their pre-existing structures, or starting new ones! 

Raquel and Alex spend a few moments in the swing, taking a much needed break in the chilly morning. 

Banana slug!!!

Henry puts extra effort into tightening the spiral staircase lashing for a photo.

Chase learns a new tool, the Jigsaw for his free build project! 

Zubin makes a clean cut on the chopsaw to create another step on Kablooi's spiral staircase!

Reed discovered that the lashing on the spiral staircase wasn't strong enough to hold a human, so he, Zubin, and Jonah set off on a mission to re-tighten it all with ratchet straps! They wanted to use camo, but they decided orange was more uniform. 

Skateboards were made, and fallen off of, with lots of glee!

When we build, we must equally play. We started our evening with visiting the animals with the lovely Courtney from Elkus! 

A donkey, being fed a pancake. A proper American animal. 

Our evening continued with play time in the Elkus garden. "Who am I after?" as exclaimed by Miya (not pictured), while waiting for a swing.


"I'm making hay angels!" -Milo, pictured attempting a front flip.

We ended our evening with knife training! 

Rules below:

1. Cut Away From Yourself 

2. Blood Bubble

3. Three Points of Contact

4. Lock Your Knife

5. Keep Your Knife Sharp

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Dylan, properly safety-fied!

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