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2018 Session E - All Ages

TSO-E- Day 6 - The Maiden Voyage Comes To An End

2018 Session E - All AgesTinkering School StaffComment

We wake up energized for our final day of working. When we got to the worksite, Micheala employs Kaitlyn's extremely hot knife skills to cut through rope.

Meanwhile, Aidan and Finn measure and calculate where to put the wheels on their pirate ship train.

Then, Isabella uses the drill press to drill perfectly sized holes for the wheels to attach to.

At the same time, Ben, Cate, Swaggy Dog, and Potatoness put in supports for their pirate ship train.

Lauren and Sage add in more supports for their floor extension.

Then, Henry goes for a test run in the pirate ship zip line.

Ally paints her team a pirate flag as Caroline draws a maiden head out of sharpie!

Lunch seems to take us by surprise after a morning filled with such hard work. Of course there's the usual swinging and whittling by Nave, Isabella, and Kya, but today we also get some surprise visitors from our neighboring camp. Michaela, Isabella, Niko, and Ang demonstrate the pirate zip line for these younger kids, and soon a line forms. 

For free build, Paul builds a foldable bungee chair and Nave photobombs his demo.

Cate, Sage, Jack, and Kya also hang up their swing and employ Kiana and Finn to help test it out before allowing everyone to enjoy it.

Then everyone gets right back to work as Potatoness works with Adam to staple gun his flag onto the mast, Ang and Micheala figure out what needs to be added to their zip line ship, and Ben and Aidan show off their pirate flag.

As we get closer to the end of the day, Caroline helps Finn, Potatoness, and Isabella test out their pulley powered ship.

Then, with the mast and sail attached, Cate, Isabella, Aidan, and Adam set sail!

After a delicious pizza dinner, we head out to the fire pit for our end of the week campfire.

Everyone places bets on when the tower will fall and we shoot around some love lasers (compliments or fun stories about anyone at camp). Reminiscing gets everyone laughing and emotional...

We end the night with s'mores by the campfire, as all the best nights end.

TSO-E- Day 5 - Coming Together

2018 Session E - All AgesTinkering School StaffComment

We all wake up with a delicious french toast breakfast thanks to our wonderful chef, Natty. We then head up to the work site for the second-to-last-time. We briefly plan out what to do for the day...

and get started!

A few tinkerers got to use some pretty cool tools.

And, right before lunch, Lauren, Paul, and Jack set their floor extension support in place.

During lunch, Nave does his best Green Arrow impression, Potatoness and Finn share a chair, and Finn and Nave climb some trees.

For free build, Henry whittles, Cate, Jack, and Sage finish up their rope bench, Michaela and Ang made a one-legged stool, and Ben and Potatoness make a massage table.

Then, Adam works with Aidan and Isabella to connect their tracks.

Micheala, Ang, and Niko finish up their zip line boat.

Meanwhile, Paul, Lauren, Jack, Nave, Sage, and Kya place their floor extension and put in supports for their crow's nest.

Waiting for dinner, Kya utilizes her time with some more whittling.

We finish up the day with card games, handcuff escaping races, and baking cookies! We'll all have a good night's rest tonight!

TSO-E- Day 4 - Seas-ing the Day

2018 Session E - All AgesTinkering School StaffComment

It's beach day! We have to take a couple trips to get to Redondo Beach, so tinkerers Finn and Henry read as they wait.

Once we get to the beach, Finn, Paul, and Henry begin to explore the cliffs.

Then, of course, playing tag in the water!

Nave even finds a seawhip (non-technical term) by the tide pools.

Although hot, the beach sun provides some beautiful lighting for portraits. Ang poses for a quick pic while Kya admires a ladybug, and Kiana tries on my sunglasses.

After lunch Finn and Kya enjoy some more reading.

Right before we leave, a little more exploring ensues...

After we get back and everyone takes a shower, we watch Treasure Island and go to bed with dreams of sky pirates. Good night Tinkering School!

TSO-E- Day 3 - Goats and Knives

2018 Session E - All AgesTinkering School Staff1 Comment

Good morning Tinkering School! After a quick breakfast we head up to the build site to get started for today.

Michaela, Ang, and Kiana start out by planning what to do for the day.

Niko works with Kaitlyn to cut out angel wings for a flying pirate ship.

Everyone makes excellent use of the morning build time, assembling various pieces for their projects.

Gladly we all take a lunch break after such a productive morning. Still, the announcement of free build picks everyone back up.

Kiana drills a hole to hang up her sign, Lauren burns the end of the rope for her friendship bracelet so it doesn't fray, Michaela and Henry paint the side of their project, and Sage, Kya, Jack, and Cate work to make a rope chair.

For the second half of our build day, we get some awesome structures up.

Caroline helps Ally, Sage, Paul, Jack, and Lauren hoist up the support for their crow's nest.

Then, Caroline, Paul, and Lauren lift the crow's nest up to be attached. 

Adam helps Ally, Nave, Jack, and Lauren haul over a support.

Then, we get an extra break: a farm tour!

Back at the build site we squeeze in a little more work before dinnertime.

Swaggy dog and Isabella drill their plywood floor onto supports.

We're just about ready to head back, but not before some fun with animal crackers!

After resting awhile, Caroline makes an exciting announcement: it's time for knife training. In order to earn and keep your knife each tinkerer must abide by our knife safety rules.

1. Cut away from yourself.
2. Make sure everyone is at least an arm's length away while using your knife.
3. You must have three contact points to a sturdy surface while cutting.
4. Keep your knife locked at all times.
5. Keep your knife sharp.

We practice using the knifes before getting them for the week.

Later that night, as we whittle away at the time and our sticks, the power goes out! Thankfully, it comes back on just in time for bed, so we can all get a good night's rest before beach day!

TSO-E- Day 2 - Building and Failing

2018 Session E - All AgesTinkering School StaffComment

Tinkering School day 2 started bright and early as everyone jumped out of bed, excited to hear this week's project theme. After breakfast, our Camp Captain, Kaitlyn, announced what we would be working on for the next five days...becoming sky pirates! Bursting with ideas, tinkerers began brainstorming within their three groups. That is, after making group agreements: rules that the group communally decides to abide by for working in teams. 

Finally, we all head up to the work site and get started. 

Kiana and Ben pick out wood to work with.

Lauren, Jack, and Nave find the perfect piece of plywood for their ship floor.

And then get to work...

Kiana and Kya mark the wood for a cut.

Finn and Cate work on supports for their treetop ship.


Meanwhile, others work on individual pieces for their projects.

Some tinkerers even learn to use some new tools!

Caroline shows Lauren and Jack how to properly use the circular saw, while Sam shows Potatoness, Paul, and Swaggy Dog to use the electric sander.

Time for lunch!

After enjoying our various panini pressed sandwiches, some take to the swings while others bond over singing the entire Hamilton soundtrack.

After lunch we have a little time to free build, or build whatever we can think of with whoever we want.

Potatoness, Paul, and Finn sand the bike seat in a bicycle improvement effort.

Cate, Jack, and Sage work on a project TBD in the next free build session.


After free build we have one last push to do the most we can on our projects before dinner.

Ara gives Henry a small boost to help attach a tree zip line.


Finally, we end the day with Tinkering School's signature learning opportunity: making mistakes!

While tightening the zip line, our rope suddenly breaks from the extreme stress! We decide to implement paracord tomorrow morning.

Riding down the hill on the newly improved bike, the front wheel couldn't quite take the rocky terrain and fell off! Tomorrow we will restrategize and reattach the wheel for more testing.

It's been a long day at Tinkering School finishing off with a creek exploration and a private viewing of The Princess Bride in our very own conference room. Now, tucked away in bed, we dream of the bigger and better things we will build tomorrow!

TSO-E - Day 1 - The First Sunset

2018 Session E - All AgesTinkering School StaffComment
A last effort to finish up before the the sun sets.

A last effort to finish up before the the sun sets.

As everyone starts to trickle in, we start off our first day with some regular shenanigans. Kya, Isabella, and Caroline (a collaborator) team up to build the latest and most adaptable piece of high fashion: The Straw Hat/Dress.

Once everyone has arrived, we hold opening circle where we introduce ourselves and explain Tinkering School's three rules:

1. Don't hurt yourself or anyone else..
2. If you see a fruit and you want it, you should eat it.*
*Don't take fruit off trees.
3. All disputes will be settled with "Ro Sham Bo"

Right before dinner we go into our evening activity: a challenge where each group must recreate a structure based only off of one teammate's brief description. 

After we eat, we walk up to the build site for some tool training! We learn how to safely use tools like...


The Chop Saw!


Finally we finished off the day with some homemade hot cocoa and whipped cream, tinkering school style!

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